Full Valentine’s Day Week List, Before After Valentine’s Day Date Sheet

Valentine’s Day 2016 Before After Date Sheet Full Week List of Valentine’s Day

As everyone knows that February 14th is day of love and well known as “Valentine Day” all love birds eagerly waiting for this special day to propose their girlfriend or boyfriend but some time people wants to know what are the name of day before valentine’s day? To keep in this mind I decided to publish this post where I have shared “Full Valentine’s Day Week List Before & After Date Sheet”.

If you are one of those who is looking for complete valentine’s day date sheet including before and after day then this is perfect place for you because I have shared as much as possible information regarding 2016 Valentine’s Day Date Sheet. I have shared the valentine’s day date sheet in jpeg format, table format & image format instead of this I have shared the funny 7 days after the valentine’s day hope you like.

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Valentine Day Date Sheet 2016

Sunday 7-Feb-16 Rose Day (Rose Day SMS)
Monday 8-Feb-16 Propose Day (Propose Day SMS)
Tuesday 9-Feb-16 Chocolate Day (Chocolate Day SMS)
Wednesday 10-Feb-16 Teddy Day (Teddy Day SMS)
Thursday 11-Feb-16 Promise Day (Promise Day SMS)
Friday 12-Feb-16 Hug Day (Hug Day SMS)
Saturday 13-Feb-16 Kiss Day (Kiss Day SMS)
Sunday 14-Feb-16 Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day SMS)

Valentine’s Day Date Sheet Image/Photo/Picture

Valentine Day 2015 Date Sheet Image, Photo Pic

7 Days Before and After Valentine’s Day Date Sheet 2016

Sunday 7-Feb-16 Rose Day
Monday 8-Feb-16 Propose Day
Tuesday 9-Feb-16 Chocolate Day
Wednesday 10-Feb-16 Teddy Day
Thursday 11-Feb-16 Promise Day
Friday 12-Feb-16 Hug Day
Saturday 13-Feb-16 Kiss Day
Sunday 14-Feb-16 Valentine’s Day
Monday 15-Feb-16 Slap Day
Tuesday 16-Feb-16 Kick Day
Wednesday 17-Feb-16 Perfume Day
Thursday 18-Feb-16 Flirting Day
Friday 19-Feb-16 Confession Day
Saturday 20-Feb-16 Missing Day
Sunday 21-Feb-16 Breakup Day

7 Days Before and After Valentine’s Day Date Sheet Image/Photo/Picture


Funny 7 Days After Valentine’s Day Date Sheet in Hindi 2016

Sunday 14-Feb-15 Valentine’s Day
Monday 15-Feb-15 Slap Day
Tuesday 16-Feb-15 Gift Wapas Day
Wednesday 17-Feb-15 Kick Day
Thursday 18-Feb-15 Ladai Day
Friday 19-Feb-15 Manane ki Kosish Day
Saturday 20-Feb-15 Breakup Day
Sunday 21-Feb-15 Dusri Dhundh Lo Day

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