Bigg Boss 8 Double Wild Card Entry Tonight at Colors

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Breaking News for the viewers of Bigg Boss 8 as it is double wild card entry tonight at Colors and all the viewers of BB8 wants to know who will be entrants in today’s double wild card entry. It is heard from the online sources that tonight Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan and Renne Dhyani will be the new contestants of Bigg Boss 8 via the double wild card entry.As Salman Khan promised in the promos that Bigg Boss 8 will be full of fun, surprises and packages and surely nothing could be as uncertain as controversial reality show like Bigg Boss 8. Below I am sharing very short introduction or bio of Bigg Boss 8 wild card entry contestants for you so that, you can know about them.

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double wild card entry contestants bigg boss 8Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan Bio:

I hope you already expected who is she instead would like to let know that Dimply Ganguly Mahajan is the wife of Rahul Mahajan who was the contestant of Bigg Boss Season 2 the son of late Politian Mr. Pramod Mahajan.

This “Bong Beauty” got the fame after marrying to Rahul Mahajan that too on a TV reality show “Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega”. But soon after her marital life got mired by controversies and now her divorce case is pending in the court.

Renne Dhyani Bio:

Renne Dhyani also come through the reality TV show “MTV Roadies” and well known for hot tempered and she can embarrass any and every man by her bad tempered ribaldry which she un-hesitantly unleashes at the drop of a hat. If you have seen her uttering those cuss words in her MTV Roadies, you will understand agree to the fact. So, all the viewers of BB8 can expect after arrival of Renne the raucous constants of the show are already in the house are gonna have a tough time ahead.

At the end can say with the arrival of Dimpy there is possibility that she may not be able to contribute to the rowdyism of the house and about Renne Dhyani “Gaali Machine” of MTV Roadies is gonna be there to unravel the ribs of her opponents in the house.

So keep watching and enjoying the Bigg Boss and share your thoughts below in box.

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