iPhone 7 – What we would like to see?

In this rigid competitive world you have to consider every bit of your product to be the best. While the performance and application aspects have been the top priorities, the users have started giving importance to other parts like display and built quality as well. Fans expectations are always endless. Anyway, here in this compilation we present you with the most anticipated.

Apple iPhone 7

Wide display with better display touch sensor:

Something of iPhone standard should offer definition making as it has been offering traditionally. Revamping the conventional displays, iPhone 7 is speculated to be extending towards the side panels. It is expected to be more intuitive and coming with touch sensory zones. There are sources those claim the company is looking to provide music access, unlock features, increasing controls with the product through its touch sensitive parts.

All metal is quite genuine; expectance is for Liquid metal body:

As we have already seen the all metal frame, this has certainly become something conventional. This time the expectation has become even more enhanced and stylish. Going with the Liquid metal has been in news since a long while and we would certainly love to see it with new iPhone 7.

DSLR quality images:

Manufacturers like Sony have been always in news for their snappers. Cupertino is satisfying though. However, this time the expectations are too elastic. Prospects are on a high that the device will be coming with a dual lens camera arrangement. If it happens in real, the iPhone 7 will be a record setting device. Experiencing DSLR quality images is not too uncommon these days, and from a leading manufacturer like Apple it is worth expected.

Dual Camera:

In fact we would say the environment is perfectly set for Apple to take its snapping arrangements to the next level. Dual camera set-up is highly anticipated spec by the users, and HTC M8 has already made their effort in bringing it. Anyway, M8 was not too satisfactory. Apple must take the full advantage of this highly desired and unsatisfied passion of the users.

Sony Sensors hoped with iPhone 7

News about a latest sensor from Sony is always exciting like a FIFA world cup final. The Cupertino fans would certainly love to see this with their beloved device. Reportedly, it will be a 21 MP sensor with a perfect size to fit along the Cupertino devices. We have been continuously witnessing the 8 MP sensors mated with smarter arrangements for improved snapping quality. On this context, a 21 MP sensor would be certainly something refreshing and interesting to watch.

Wireless charging

Starting from display, applications to cameras improvements have touched every corner. Here on this occasion witnessing the same conventional pattern of charging is quite odd fashion and dumb. We hope the next Cupertino flagship to bring something exciting, we hope it to bring the wireless charging feature into picture. The wireless charging system is quite sleek as well. You just need to put the device on a charging slot, that’s it. No need is there to carry the wires or look for charging points each time. In fact we have seen the concept with Apple Watch that is quite satisfactory as well.

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