3 Most Popular Electric Rice Cookers in India

Rice is a popular food ingredient cultivate worldwide, as it is affordable than others. This versatile ingredient is mainly used to prepare various cuisines which are a popular form. In India, it takes various forms like grain bowls, gruels, pulaos, biriyanis, jambalaya and various others.

Food should be cooked well whether it is rice or anything else, thus it brings self-satisfaction and imparts flavour.  So, we need the right equipment that promises to provide well-cooked rice and offer a great cooking experience. Owning to the evolving technology, you will find a wide range of cooking appliances like electric rice cookers, induction and so on.

Best Selling Rice Cookers Online in India

A significant benefit of having an electric rice cooker is that it doesn’t require that much effort and enable you to prepare complete cooked rice. A significant benefit of having an electric rice cooker is that it doesn’t require that much effort and enable you to prepare complete cooked rice. Here we bring a top-three rice cooker brand that you can check online in India.

1. Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

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Prestige is one of India’s largest kitchen appliances brands that promote safety, durability and trust. The Prestige 700watt rice cooker is one of those kitchen appliances which make your life easier and happier. It is in-rich with various features and easy to use.

The thing you will like in this rice is aluminium cooking pans that do not help in cooking rice but also other food items such as pulao, idlis, stews, porridge, soup and so on. It doesn’t require extra olive, as it requires steam, hence it is a healthy cooking option.

Electric rice cooker by prestige is equipped with different cooking modes such as speed cooking and keep warm. With this rice cooker, you can cook a variety of dishes without any cooking hassle. Another key feature of this rice cooker is the high-quality stainless steel lid, making it durable and perfect for regular kitchen use.



The brand provides a 5-year warranty on the heating plate. The volume of the pan is quite small.
The design of this cooker is simple yet very elegant.  
It works faster than a traditional stovetop.  
It has two cooking pans.  

2. Bajaj 550W Majesty Coil Rice Cooker

Bajaj 550W Majesty Coil Rice Cooker

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Bajaj is one of the oldest brands that manufacturers varieties of home and kitchen appliances. Talking about Bajaj Rice Cooker, it doesn’t require supervision or effort to prepare well-cooked rice. It is equipped with various innovative features, making it competitive with other brands.

One of the major benefits of having an RCX5 majestic rice cooker is, it consumes only 700 watts, hence you can save your electricity bills. It delivers well-cooked rice in under a few minutes as it has aluminium bowls that absorb heat faster. This hassle-free cooker requires one to pour the necessary amount of water and the raw rice into the container.

With this rice cooker, you can save you’re cooking time as well as lots of effort. Even it has two cool-touch handles, ensure safety and ease to lift the rice cooker easily without hurting your hands. Talking about looks and design, it has an aluminium bowl with an anodized finish, makes it corrosion resistant and gives the bowl durability.



This product is a great value for money. The automatic cut off of this cooker does not work.
It comes with a 2-year warranty.  
You can prepare 1 kg of rice at a time in it.  
This cooker consumes less electricity.  

3. Panasonic SRWA 18 Rice Cooker

Panasonic SRWA 18 Rice Cooker

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Panasonic believes in innovation, thus providing a wide range of cooking appliances. This innovative rice cooker helps you saving power as the food or rice is cooked. This durable rice cooker offers a reliable capacity of 1-liter and the best part is, it can easily cook up to 0.6 kg raw rice. The best thing about this rice cooker is its elegant design, making it perfect for all types of kitchens.

In the box, you will get a well-made anodized cooking pan made up of aluminium, measuring cup, cooking plate and ascoop. Talking about build quality, it is made of premium quality CRCA, food-grade material that enables you to maintain hygiene and safety while cooking.

Even, the lid of the cooker is made of strong stainless steel, making it easy to clean. It has several advanced features like Auto Cooking, Auto Cut-off, High-quality cooking pan, etc.



It is one of the most reliable and convenient products by Panasonic Not found.
This electric cooker is perfect for both large and small families, as it cooks .6 kg rice at a time.  
It is affordable yet perfect for long-term use.  


An electric cooker has become an essential appliance, as it brings flavours and provides a great cooking experience. This is why you should have the right electric cooker. If you’re looking for the perfect electric cooker, you can consider our mentioned top-three brands.