What Mistakes to Avoid When You are In Goa?

There are so many places that most people love to visit and revisit for their holidays and vacations. Amidst these places, one sure place is Goa. It is a popular tourist destination in the country known for its gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, and even lively atmosphere. However, like any sort of travel destination, there are diverse types of mistakes that you should avoid being one of the travellers to make the most of your trip. For now, just go ahead and check out cosy rooms at Goa Club Mahindra and ensure you have a vibrant yet comfy stay during your entire trip to Goa.

Goa beach image

Dodging Sun Protection 

In sunny and beaming Goa, especially during peak seasons, the sun shines fiercely. To guard yourself against painful sunburns and discomfort, it is essential to take precautions. Remember to apply sunscreen with a high SPF rating, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, and stay hydrated by drinking abundant water. Of course, these are the things that are critical to ensure you have a good time. These simple steps are going to help safeguard your skin from the harsh sun rays, promising that you have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience as you explore the vibrant and stunning beaches and cultural delights of Goa.

Ignoring Local Customs 

In the realm of Goa, different cultures, like Hindu and even Portuguese, blend. It’s important on your part to respect these customs. When you visit religious places, dress modestly. Always make sure that you ask before taking pictures of people. Avoid showing affection in public, mainly where it is not common. Respecting these customs helps you connect better with the local community and makes your visit more pleasant. Of course, what is the point if you are doing something that is making someone uncomfortable?

Dodging Beach Safety 

The beaches of Goa are beautiful, but they can be risky, too. It is significant for you to follow safety rules. Don’t swim in rough water, pay attention to warning flags, and even dodge drinking alcohol while swimming. Doing these things can aid you in staying safe and having a good time at the fantastic beach. Of course, it is good to have fun and enjoy the best at the beaches of Goa, but if you are not paying attention to safety, it can become risky there are many people who don’t think much about the safety thing but if you are one of them, make sure that you stay vigilant about it.

Effective Overpacking 

You know to carry manifold of stuff can make traveling in Goa difficult. Pack only what you actually require, like light clothes for the steamy or hot weather. You should try to leave behind the things you won’t use to make some area or space for souvenirs and memories. Of course, what is the point if you buy something from the local shops of Goa and you want to take it with you but there is no space in your baggage for it? Such a thing would be disappointing. There are always people who just carry limited clothes to destinations like Goa to ensure that they can freely buy things that they might want to keep with them as a memory of Goa.

Not going Beyond the Beaches 

Though Goa’s beaches are well-known, don’t overlook its other attractions. Make sure that you do explore charming villages, ancient temples, spice plantations, and even lavish forests to discover the region’s rich culture and even natural beauty. You have no idea how many different places are there in Goa that you can check out. No matter you go to spiritual places or you check out some markets; they would have much for you to taste and explore. It is good to have a great time in exploring all the areas that the city or state has to offer you. It would make no sense if you return from Goa and you get to know that there were some spots that were classy and you didn’t go there.

Missing out on Bargaining 

Come on, the markets and street vendors of Goa most of the times expect bargaining. Not negotiating prices can result in overpaying for items and goods and services. Remember to haggle respectfully to get the best possible deals. Of course, you can at least try a few times to convince the vender to bring down the rates of the things you are purchasing. After all, there are techniques of bargaining that you should not miss out on.

Dodging Local Transportation Options 

Come on, if you are depending solely on taxis or rental cars, it can be expensive and limit your exploration. Make sure that you pay attention to using local buses, trains, or even bicycles to get around and even experience the authentic local vibe. Of course, you would have a better level of taste of the place this way. You would feel the ambience in a more effective and contenting manner.

Undervaluing Monsoon Season 

In the realm of Goa, when the monsoon season comes, there is heavy rain and strong winds. This can make it hard for you to do outdoor activities and might cause problems with transportation. If you prefer sunny weather and even relish outdoor adventures, it’s best to avoid visiting Goa during the time of monsoon season. Waiting for drier weather is going to ensure you have a better time exploring the beaches and even taste all the fun activities that Goa has to offer you without being held back by the rainy time or weather.


To sum up, when you avoid these kinds of common mistakes, you can easily ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip to Goa. It would be like soaking in the sun, sand, and even vibrant culture in the absence of any sort of unnecessary hassles or regrets. Just book a room at Goa club Mahindra on your next visit to Goa to ensure a contenting and memorable time. After all, without a good stay, your entire trip can go for a toss!