3 Most Popular Handis in India

Today, it is hard to find traditional appliances in Indian kitchens. But the Handi is one of those which are widely accepted. With Handis, you’ll be able to cook biryani and other food items that you want. It allows you to do uniform cooking to maintain the flavours and texture of vegetables or any other ingredient.

From shallow frying to stir-frying or cooking gravies, the Handi enable you to do so. The finest non-stick coating and solid surface of Handis prevent stickiness, resulting in no food wastage. The Handis make your Indian food even healthy and delicious, as it doesn’t require edible oil for cooking.

Best Selling Handis Online in India

Here we have come up with the top-three best selling Handis in India after thorough research. The options will help you to know which aspects you need to consider when buying Handis. Take a deep dive into it:

1. Prestige Omega Select Plus Junior Handi 

Prestige Omega Select Plus Junior Handi 

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Almost every person has familiar with India’s leading brand called Prestige. It serves kitchen appliances, utensils and various other electric household appliances for the past few years. It has become popular among users due to its top-notch quality and price range.

Handi from prestige is a marvellous innovation for preparing Indian food. The cookware has been used abrasion-resistant technology which prevents scratches and corrosions, ensuring durability and long-lasting usage. The thing that you will like the most about it is the non-stick surface allowing stick-free cooking.

Prestige’s Handi comes with an improved coating to ensure versatile cooking. Plus, it enhances the kitchen appearance, making it smart in an overall way. Also, the lid of Handi helps in steady cooking and save a lot of time & effort.

These four litres Handi is can be suited for both large and nuclear families. In addition, the 3 non-stick layer coating has been used in it, thus making it safer for all types of cooking. The multipurpose used Handi is designed in such a way so that you can use a metal spoon in it (avoid using a spoon with sharp edges).



This smartest and innovative Handi is best for the multipurpose cooking task. It is small in size.
Prestige is one of the most trustworthy brands in this industry.  
The sturdy handle and solid surface prevent the risk of burns and stickiness respectively.  

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Non-Stick Handi

Amazon Brand - Solimo Non-Stick Handi

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Amazon has become a leading brand offering a wide range of kitchen utensils and electric appliances. Handi from Amazon is made of virgin aluminium, considered the top-notchmaterial. It has been equipped with a food-grade non-stick coating which is ideal for healthy and oil-free cooking. The Handi can be used for stir-frying vegetables, shallow-frying and preparing rice or biryanis.

The Handi from Amazon will ensure the finest and well-cooked food varieties. It is equipped with two handles that provide the grip you to hold it. Furthermore, it features cool-touch to prevent heat transfer and reduce the risk of burns.

If looking at Handi for regular use, this is going to be the perfect option. It has enough capacity to cook a large meal for your family. The sturdy and premium look of Handi makes your versatile cooking task easier. With this Handi, you can experience different flavours and textures.

Another notable thing in this Handi is its stainless steel lid. The Lid ensures the finest cooking and keeps your meals warm till serving.



The Handi is classy yet very elegant for smart kitchens. Handi is a bit expensive.
This Handi requires minimal maintenance.  

3. Vinod Hard Anodized Handi 

Vinod Hard Anodized Handi 

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Vinod Hard Anodized Handi is made of Virgin Aluminium which is a premium quality material used in utensils. It ensures better safety, heat distribution, and keeps food safe from burn and stickiness. The build quality has suitable for long-lasting use. The durable, beautiful black body makes the cookware absorb heat earlier.

This effective cooking solution never gets dull, as you can use it for long period. The Handi comes along with a sturdy and compact lid that stores heat when the food is cooked. For better grip, you can use its riveted handles. Please be note: The Handi is only ideal for stove use.

The company provide 24 months warranty on the product. The handi is dishwasher safe and spoon–friendly.



It is very easy to clean the Handi. The size of Handi is not induction friendly.
It is a pocket-friendly product.  

Final Words

If you’re fond of cooking and want to try something new, then buy a Handis set to allow you to showcase cooking skills & bring versatility in you. This is not only recommended for that but also promotes you to follow healthier cooking. Make sure that Handi you choose suits your cooking need. Otherwise, you can check out the top three options that we described after checking their elements.