3 Most Popular Kadai in India 2023 [Kadhai For Cooking]

Kadai is something that has a flat bottom and is similar to a shape of a wok. It is a popular kitchen tool in India. It is used to cook several dishes. Both the sides of the Kadai are steep. It is used for deep frying and cooking. It is believed that cooking foods in Kadai will increase its taste to a reasonable extent. You can cook both veg and non-veg items on Kadai. You can get Kadai of various sizes and shapes. If it is a big family, you must opt for a big one, or else you can select the medium-sized kadai’s. Most kadai’s are made of aluminum and stainless steel material. Some have a non-stick finish.

It seems that Indian cuisine is incomplete without kadai’s. In India, most of the houses have kadai’s. They have handles on both sides. It will help in the easy lifting from one place to another.

Best Selling Kadhai Online in India

In this part, you will look at some of the best selling kadai available in India. A simple discussion will help to select the best one from the list. You will also gather adequate information about the product.

1. Hawkins Futura Non-stick kadai

Hawkins Futura Non-stick kadai

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It is one of the best ones in the appliance industry. The kadai has a flat bottom that will help in the smooth cooking process. The non-stick coating is good, and it will give a long-term service. You can also use less oil to prepare the dishes in this kadai. It will help in an even and uniform cooking process. It is ideal for preparing fried items and other dishes. Even the handles of the kadai are so strong that you can easily lift them. The handles will stay cool even you are cooking food in the kadai.

This kadai is suitable for cooking in gas and induction tops. You can use it as per your suitability.



It is made with an innovative patented process. It would have been better if the non-stick coating was made a little better.
It can be used on gas and induction tops.  
Handles remain calm at the time of cooking.  
Helps in even heating and cooking process.  

2. Amazon Solimo white aluminium kadai

Amazon Solimo white aluminium kadai

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Now you can cook your favorite dishes in this kadai. It is ideal for all sorts of dishes. This kadai is made with 100% virgin aluminum. You can cook all curries and snacks in this kadai. The kadai is made with Bakelite handles. This will provide you with firm grip. You can hold it even if the kadai is heated. They are made with good-quality materials. It does not become loose even after being used for an extended period.

It is an induction-friendly cooker. You can cook it in both low and medium flames. Foods cooked in this kadai will have a fantastic taste. You will love to have it.



It is made of high-quality materials. It would have been better if it was available in other colors apart from the white one.
Virgin aluminium of Hindalco is used to make this kadai.  
Handles provide a good grip on the hands. It remains cool.  
Convenient to be used in gas and induction tops.  
Convenient for frying and cooking.  

3. Vinod stainless steel extra deep kadai

Vinod stainless steel extra deep kadai

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It is one of the best quality stainless steel kadai that will help you cook foods in an induction cooker. It ensures fast cooking of the food within minimum sticking of the food on the kadai. The kadai also allows even distribution of heat all along the surface. This kadai is said to be a fine balance between look and functionality. You can use it in homes and restaurant kitchens.

The three-layer construction of the kadai makes it more robust in all aspects. The stainless steel lid of the kadai will be used to cover it at the time of cooking. This ergonomically designed kadai will help to get maximum durability and comfort at the time of cooking. You must have seen that most Indian kitchens prefer to use this kadai for cooking purposes.



Ideal to be used on induction tops. It saves less use of gas. It would have been better if the company reduced the price of the product to some extent.
Helps in fast cooking process with less sticking on the surface.  
Provides even distribution of the heat.  
Best to be used in kitchen and restaurants.  
Gives maximum comfort to the users.  

How To Choose The Best Kadai in India

We all require a kadai at our kitchen. It makes our dishes much tastier and great. Before buying a kadai, you must check for some essential points. A perfect kadai is always required in cooking. Let us find out the buying guide for kadai’s.

  • Material:

It is always vital to check the material of the kadai. Most kadai’s are made of aluminum or cast iron. Cast iron kadai’s are a combination of cast and iron. They are durable and can give you long term service. The cast iron kadai’s are easy to wash, but they are heavy in weight. On the other hand, stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant. Aluminum kadai’s are always a better choice for daily cooking ingredients. It is always safe and good to use for cooking.

  • Non-stick kadai:

The majority of kadai’s are available with non-stick coating. If you opt for that coating, it is best to check the material. It is found that non-stick coating comes with advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about non-stick coating is that it requires less oil for cooking. The non-stick coatings are available in two forms. One is PTFE and the other one is ceramic or sol-gel. The Teflon coatings may prove to be helpful for your health. This is why you must opt for ceramic or sol gels.

  • Size:

The kadai size matters to a great extent. Typically, the kadai size varies from 1.5 liters to 7.5 liters. You can buy the one that is suitable and required. If you have a small family, you can go with the 1.5 liter size kadai. If it is a big family, you can opt for the large ones. It is suggested that you keep in mind the family members before buying a kadai.

  • Thickness:

The thickness of the kadai is also a major factor before buying the product. If it is thicker, you can use it for a long period of time.

  • Handles:

You must also check the handles of the kadai. Some kadais come with two handles. You need to check that they are sturdy and heat proof. Most times, the handles become so heated that you cannot hold it. You need to check the handles before buying the kadai. You must remember that silicone handles are not at all suitable for heat resistance. In such a case, you can opt for the pot handles to keep your hands safe and free.

  • Easy to wash:

It is better if you buy a kadai that is easy to wash and clean. To do this, you can inquire about the same from the manufacturer. The stainless steel kadai’s can be easily washed. Try to invest in a kadai that is easy to wash.

  • Warranty period:

A warranty period for the kadai is very essential. Most reputed brands offer a warranty period on the kadai of six months to one year. You can also get kadai’s that have a two year of warranty period. This depends on the company or the manufacturer.

Final note

Kadai is an essential item for cooking. It helps in a better cooking process. If you use any other appliance for cooking, it may not assist you in the smooth cooking process. However, with an advanced cooking system, you can try something new. The modern kadai’s are developed and better in all aspects. They require less oil for cooking and help to prepare tasty dishes. You must try the modern ones.