10 Unknown & Interesting Facts About Those Who Born in August

August Unknown & Interesting Facts

In between July and September, lies a month that is composed of 31 days. This is none other than the 8th month of Gregorian and Julian calendars known as August. Originally, this month is named in Latin word “Sextilis”. People who are born in August have different characteristics that made them very interesting individuals. Here are 10 unknown and interesting facts about them:

  1. They Hate When People Stare at them – Do not ever dare to give them a sharp stare because this will make them fierce. They are private types of individuals, so there is a big possibility that they will misinterpret your stare. Hence, don’t make a fuss with them by staring at them directly.
  1. They are Distrustful – They will talk to anyone even to strangers. Even so, this does not mean that they already trust you when they talk to you. It is very hard to get their trust. This goes to show that they only trust a very few people.
  1. They’re Right Oftentimes – 90% of the time, August-born people are definitely right. Hence, it may be advantageous for you to trust their words, especially if you ask for some advices from them. Because of this, they might be dominant enough when it comes to relationship.
  1. They’re Extremely Moody – When they’re upset, you can surely tell it by just looking at their face expressions. They won’t even say a word when they are in this mood. But when they’re happy, it is expected that they will talk to you at all times.
  1. They’re More on Writing – August-born people are not that vocal to their feelings. What they prefer is writing their emotions. Hence, do not be surprised if they will not tell you about it. You just need to be sensitive enough to know what they feel inside.
  1. They’re Choosy Types – When it comes to friendship, these people are normally picky. In fact, they are branded as “not everyone’s friends”. One reason for this is the fact that they are distrustful. Even so, they are extremely true friends. They will not pretend just to get your sympathy.
  1. Wasting Money is not their Forte – These people do not like the idea of wasting their hard-earned money. They love saving it. Because of this, you might find them very annoying because of this trait. They will only spend their money to the things which they think worth-investing.
  1. They’re Perfectionists – Committing some errors is not what they like. They want to be perfect in everything they do. A simple spilling of water will already annoy them. So, when you are surrounded with August-born people, you need to be very careful with your moves.
  1. They Forget Uninteresting Things Easily – They are those people who do not care remembering those uninteresting things and even people. Thus, if they find you uninteresting, then do not be surprised if they forget you the next time you meet.
  1. They Find It Hard to Express their Sentiments – When they are extremely hurt, they find it very hard to express themselves. What they usually do is keep silent. If you find them very silent in several hours, then there must be something wrong.

These are the 10 unknown and interesting facts about August-born people. Now that you already know them, there’s no reason for you to have a hard time dealing with them.