Exhaust Fan Advantages and Disadvantages

exhaust fans

These days, many homeowners use exhaust fans to increase the air quality inside. There are thousands of benefits of using exhaust fans.  Whether you talk about eliminating the moisture, smoke, fumes or other similar things, the exhaust fans are the best option today. However, there are some cons of using the exhaust fans. In the … Read more

What is Design Thinking?

What is Design Thinking

As humans, our problem-solving or blueprint-crafting structures are often linear and follow a structure. A structure that is practiced since the organization time and again produces favorable outcomes. However, modern problems require modern solutions! Human-centered design is an emerging problem-solving approach that has taken over the world; having consumer interests is at heart. The evolution … Read more

Is a Gaming Chair Good?

Gaming Chair

In this modern era, e-gaming and e-sports have become popular among the youth. They spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer screen so that this leads to anxiety, headache and body ache.In such a situation, the right gaming chair gets you into the habit of sitting right.Despite using a regular chair … Read more

How to Choose Iron Plant Stand in India?

metal stand

Iron plant stands are preferred to be the most reliable ones to use in a garden. You can place the plant stand in both indoor and outdoor. Iron plant stands come with multiple features for which a maximum number of users love it. It can allow the plant to over grow without any invader. It … Read more

Best Open Source Software for Mobile Application Testing

Pukar- A Personal Safety App

Mobile App Testing Tools allow you to test your Android and iOS apps automatically. These Mobile Application testing tools can cut down on the amount of time it takes to complete a test and the likelihood of human error. The following is a hand-picked list of the best open-source (free) mobile automation testing tools. TestProject TestProject … Read more

Best Ways to Gain Free Likes on Instagram

Free Instagram Likes 1

Are you looking for the best strategies to increase likes on your Instagram posts? No doubt, nowadays the popularity of social media is at its peak and every brand as well user wants to enhance their reach on the social media platforms. It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media … Read more

The Difference between Sneakers and Shoes


In the modern world of frenetic days, the blend of fancy and comfortable footwear, the shoes, and sneakers are in top position. For everyday work, people prefer to have something that soothes their feet instead of generating pain. The most suitable rescue to painless 24-hour workday is having a nice pair of footwear. When we … Read more

Top 4 Best Schools In Bangalore 2019


The top best schools in Bangalore ranked as per the respective category are as mentioned below Agastya Vidyanikethan – The school was established with the motto of following the traditional culture of learning among its students. The reputation has been upheld by limiting the no of students in each class so that every student gets … Read more