10 Unknown & Interesting Facts About Those Who Born in October

October Unknown & Interesting Facts

October-born people are no doubt, extremely interesting persons just like the month of October itself. October is the 10th month in Gregorian and Julian calendars that is composed of 31 days. If you do not know much about the people who are born in this month, then consider yourself lucky. It is simply because 10 unknown and interesting facts about them will be exposed here.

  1. Charismatic – People who were born in the month of October are known to have different level of charm and charisma. It might even be hard for you to say “NO” to them. That is how charismatic they are. They can be magnets to boys and girls who like them so much.
  1. They Have Higher Level of Confidence – One admirable thing about October-born people is their higher level of confidence. They always do things confidently, and this is one reason why they always succeed in everything they do.
  1. They are Romantic – Being romantic to their loved ones is one true nature of October-born individuals. Hence, if you are looking for romantic partner in life, then these people are the ones whom you should consider searching. They are even extremely loyal to their partner, so they’re really a good catch.
  1. Emotionally Intelligent – These people are known to be emotionally intelligent. Meaning to say, they exactly know their emotions and they are knowledgeable enough how to control them whatever the situation is. Hence, it is expected that they will remain compose in every situation they are facing.
  1. They’re Attracted to Peaceful Environment – They love peace and order, so there is no way you will find them doing some violent activities. It is unusual to them to lose their temper in front of many people because they are known to be always calm and compose. When you find them having ill temper, then you better stay away from them for a while.
  1. Hospitable – They might not be that polite compared to some other people, but they always make sure that you will feel comfortable when you are with them. This is because of their hospitable trait in nature. They love to entertain people and make them enjoy the entire moment with them.
  1. Optimistic – Because of their higher level of optimism, they always succeed in every thing they do. They do not give up very easily. They make sure that they have this drive to stay positive and continue to perform better.
  1. Friendly – If you are searching for friends who will be there for you at all times even during the darkest hours of your life, then October-born people are the ones whom you should search for. They are capable enough in making your day brighter, putting all your worries aside.
  1. Achievement-Oriented – They always want to achieve something that is why you will never see them doing their tasks poorly. Instead, they try their best and use all their resources just to perform excellently and be recognized later on. That’s how achievement-oriented they are.
  1. They’re Competitive – October-born people are very competitive in nature. Maybe, this is all because of the fact that they are extremely confident and achievement-oriented. They never surrender in every battle they are facing, until they emerge victorious.

This is how interesting October-born people are. Without a doubt, these people are admirable and they are good to be with.