Aadhar Card: How Can I Download Duplicate Aadhaar Card with Enrollment or Aadhar Number Online

To get the benefits of several schemes run by govt. of India you must have aadhaar card but in case if you have lost it you could be in trouble, well don’t get upset if you have lost your aadhar card why because you can download duplicate aadhaar card online via following few simple steps and in today’s post I will tell you how you can download it with your enrollment number or with your aadhaar number.

As on other posts related to aadhaar people told me that they are unable to find the option to download duplicate aadhar card online on the official site of UIDAI and that’s the reason which motivate me to write this one piece of article so that, you can understand the complete procedure to how you can download duplicate aadhar card with your aadhaar number or by your enrollment number.

Download Duplicate Aadhar Card with Aadhaar Number

This option for those people who remember there 12 digit aadhar number and have lost it and want to download the duplicate aadhar however if you don’t remember your aadhaar number as well don’t worry you can still download your aadhar card for this you must have your registered number with you and off-course it should be activated. So, I will start the procedure from the beginning if you know the aadhar number you can skip few steps or read the whole post no issue as it will help to increase your knowledge on this.

Note: Via clicking on this link you will be able to get your “Aadhar Number”

  • Enter your Full Name, Email & Registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the Security Code
  • Click on “Get OTP”
  • You will receive it on your phone Enter OTP and click on Verify OTP
  • In couple of minutes you will get your aadhaar number on your mobile

Now you have your aadhar card number now we can follow the 2nd Step if you already remember the aadhar number then don’t you need to follow this one.

  • Click on https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Choose 2nd option “Aadhaar”
  • Enter 12 digit Aadhaar Number, Full Name, Pin Code
  • Enter the Image Text in the next column
  • Click on Get One Time Password
  • You will receive OTP on your mobile number
  • Enter OTP in the box
  • Click on “Validate & Download” button.

Finally your duplicate aadhar card will start download into your PC which is password protect now use your city code as password and it will be open and you can see your picture, address and all the details in it if you want to make any correction in your aadhaar then you can read the following articles.

Hope you find the above procedure pretty easy now I am going to tell you how you can download your aadhar card number with your enrollment number.

Download Duplicate Aadhar Card with Enrollment Number

This one is especially for those people who have applied for new aadhaar card and unfortunately lost their enrollment slip and also did not receive the aadhaar card at their residence address. Well don’t worry my friend you are still able to download duplicate aadhaar card without your slip and you can easily get your lost aadhar enrollment number in just 5 minutes via following few simple steps which is mentioned below, so let’s start.

  • To get the enrollment number on your phone click on https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid
  • Click on You want to receive your lost “Enrolment No (EID)”
  • Fill your name, email id, mobile number, security code and click on Get OTP
  • You have receive the otp fill it in the box and click on “Verify OTP”
  • Now your enrollment number will reach in your mobile inbox.

Start downloading duplicate aadhaar card procedure

  • To download aadhar card with enrollment number https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Select I have “Enrollment No.”
  • Fill Enrolment ID, Date & time
  • Full Name, Pin Code, and image code in next column
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Click on “Get One Time Password”
  • Once you received it fill in the next column Enter OTP
  • Now click on “Validate & Download”

Congratulations you have successfully downloaded your aadhar card take it’s print use it where you want it in the whole process if you face any problem or have any query don’t hesitate to get in touch with us I will get back to you on the same and don’t forget to read some other helpful articles related to Aadhar Card.

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