Air Fryer – Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you know all about the advantages and disadvantages of using an air fryer? Then look at the information given here for your benefit.

The pros of using the air fryer

  • It is safe to use

The air fryers can be called as the self-contained appliance. It offers protection to the user from hot elements and oil. The traditional cooking range uses hot cooking oil that splatters oil and burns the user. But today’s modern air fryers are the best. It comes with a lot of safety features. The air fryers have the shutdown safety feature if the time is set. This will stop the food from getting burnt or dry out. This auto feature will keep the user safe from accidents.

  • It is easy to clean.

Only little oil is used in the air fryers due to which the process of cleaning is easy. You only need hot water, soap, and elbow grease.

  • It is inexpensive

The air fryers do not need much time to heat up. This benefit will help keep the power consumption and the price down. So the prices of air fryers are economical and comfortable to use.

  • Use less oil

Using less oil will provide many benefits. You need to spend less money on oil as the air fryer will only use less oil. It is also easy to clean when there is less oil. Moreover, you can take care of your health by consuming less oil in the process.

The cons of using the air fryer

  • The food will taste different.

The healthy food cooked with the air fryer will taste a bit different than the foods deep-fried. It is because less amount of oil is used when looking. The food will not taste good as the fat content is low.

  • Not very crunchy

The food is fully submerged in oil when it is cooked normally. However, in the case of the air fryer, less oil is used, so the food will not be crunchy. This is one downfall of having air fryer food; the crunch factor will be missing.

  • Minor accidents

Cooking at high temperatures in the air fryer will lead to more burnt and dry food. So you need to take care when cooking with the air fryer.

  • Longer cooking times

It will take longer to cook in an air fryer than the dry fryer. The circulation of the heat is not effective, so it takes longer for the food to cook well.

  • The cost is high

Some of the high-end and top air fryers can cost more. It is a one time purchase, but when you use the air fryer, it will lessen the cost of the items you use for cooking, such as the oil.

  • Not suitable for large families

It is hard to cook for large families with the air fryer. The volume is less, so you have to cook batch by batch, which is difficult in the long run.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the air fryer.