Are Mosquito Bat Dangerous??

Mosquito bats are used in every household to get rid of mosquitoes and insects. Many think that these electric bats are dangerous for humans too. But the fact is mosquito bats are completely harmless for humans. Also, they are considered as an environmentally friendly way to kill a mosquito. Mosquito coils or repellents causes air pollution and can also cause breathing problems for some individuals. However, a mosquito bat is a completely safe way to kill mosquitoes. Let us see some of the other interesting facts and benefits of using these bats. 

How do the mosquito rackets work?

A mosquito bat is protected with two layers of mesh for human protection. However, the electric bat provides a fatal shock for the mosquito. The current is high in amount for a mosquito’s body. The humans can also feel a mild shock when they come in contact with an active mosquito bat. The shock in the bat is more than enough to kill a mosquito. Also, you should be careful while using a mosquito bat around babies and pets. The shock might not cause any harmful effects on them, but the sudden shock can scare them. 

The reasons why a mosquito bat is safe 

The battery and charge 

Mosquito bat doesn’t take up much electricity when charging. These rechargeable bats need maximum 3 to 4 hours of charging. The shock used by an electric bat to kill a mosquito is 5MA. This small amount of shock can kill any mosquito. However, if you think that an electric bat would harm humans, then remember that humans can die only if the shock level is 200MA. So, you need not worry about the shock produced by mosquito bats because they are harmless to humans. 

The protective three-layer mesh 

The mosquito bats come with a three-layer protective mesh. The high-end mosquito rackets come with shockproof protection. If safety is the topmost priority, then you can choose an expensive mosquito bat with great features. The middle layer of any mosquito bat produces a shock. Therefore, the upper and lower layers do not generate any shock. 

The sturdy handles 

The sturdy and durable handle and build of the machine take care of proper electric flow. The electric shock is only produced in the mesh and not in any other parts of the bat. The handle is made with hard plastic for you to handle the bat safely. A tube in the handle conducts electricity throughout the bat and generates the shock in the mesh. These durable parts in the electric mosquito bat provide extra protection for humans. 

The head closures 

The enclosures in the bat come with AB plastic to make the sides shockproof. The enclosures available on the sides cover the uneven sides of the metal mesh. This way, the enclosures protect your hand from scratches and injuries. Also, these technologies in the mosquito bat prevent electricity leakage when charging the bat. 


Instead of using the air is polluting repellents, coils and mosquito liquid you can use the harmless mosquito bats. These bats come with safety features and effective technology to get rid of the mosquitoes.