3 Most Popular Bamboo Steamer in India

Instead of eating oily food, food prepared using the steam method can be full of vital nutrients. Nowadays, Indian’s are conscious about their health; in such a situation steam cooking is being adopted rapidly. Steam cooking contains vital nutrients, hence beneficial for health.

Highly recommended steaming methods maintain rich flavours and make your food even delicious. Traditionally used steamer allows you to prepare healthy food steadily. These steamers are generally made from natural bamboos that maintain the quality & aroma of the food. From preparing Indian Cuisine to Chinese Cuisine, there is no better option than a bamboo steamer.

Bamboo Steamers can steam multiple items at a time, including veggies, dumplings, mushrooms, fish, etc. Furthermore, the bamboo’s are save for environment, hence eco-friendly. Steaming food is a bit easy than frying and stirring. Thus, it can save a lot of effort and cooking time too.

Best Selling Bamboo Steamers in India

Ensure various elements you should have known when buying steamer for regular use. Some of them include size, capacity and price. If you’re looking for a bamboo steamer but not sure how to purchase then check our personal favourite top-three options.

1. TREEMAISON Bamboo Steamer Box

TREEMAISON Bamboo Steamer Box

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Looking for organic steaming and healthy cooking option? Then this is going to be the perfect option. The bamboo steamer brings out the organic flavours and better taste of food without any oil. The bamboo is BPA free and does not have any chemicals, hence healthy cooking.

The steamer provides a healthful and easy way to prepare Asian and Western Cuisine. This is a perfect steaming solution to steam various vegetables. With this steamer box, you’re able to try something new and enhance you’re cooking skills. This wonderful bamboo steamer box allows you to spread happiness to family and friends by serving delicious food.

A steamer box contains authentic flavours and tastes in food. The steamer box has enough wide and large to cook wontons, momos, dim sums in large quantities. It is made from premium quality bamboo, suitable for long-lasting usage. It requires minimal effort for cleaning. You need to soak it in cold water for a few hours to clean.



It has enough capacity to prepare large meals. It requires ideal space for storing.
The steamer is very easy to use.  
You need to invest only Rs. 630 to buy this product.  

2. Godskitchen Bamboo Steamer

Godskitchen Bamboo Steamer

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Have you tried steamed Cuisines? If not, then check out our next outstanding option for your steaming requirements. This steamer by Gods kitchen is free from harsh chemicals. It is best suited for healthier cooking. The steamer can be used to prepare stuffed momos, rice bowls and various other Cuisines.

If looking for a durable option at an affordable price, this would be a great one. It is enough wide and large for preparing meals in a good amount. The five-inch dim sum and brown colour of the steamer offer effective steaming.

The steamer has come along with a Bamboo lid. The lid has equipped with a loop handle that keeps the steam inside and offers well-cooked food. This ideal steamer can be easily fitted into every space, even in small spaces. For cleaning, you need not put extra effort into it. Just soap it for a few hours and allow cleaning.


It is one of the lightweight steamers. It is comparatively smaller.
The bamboo used in it is safe for cooking.  
No harmful chemicals, BPA-free.  
It is a great value for money.  

3. Cosmos Kitchen Round Steamer

Cosmos Kitchen Round Steamer

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Some steamers are manufactured from artificial steamers but this steamer from Cosmos is made from real bamboo. It is the perfect steaming solution for preparing Asian Delicacies and Western Cuisines. The steamer has natural elements, hence offering healthy cooking.

It can be used to cook multiple dishes like dim sum, wontons, meats, vegetables and momos. The bamboo finish and finest structure is attractive to the eye, and also very easy to clean. The layers of bamboos have been used to prepare this steamer.

The company also offers two chopsticks free along with a steamer hence use it to eat noodles. The steamer enables you to steam delicious momos, Chinese food and Indian food within a few minutes. To enhance the flavours of your meal, add some aroma & herbs. If you want to use a steamer for life long, then apply a thin coat of vegetablesto keep it dry.



In the box, you will get a a steamer and two chopsticks. Not found.
The size and capacity are sufficient for both small and large meals.  
It allows you to prepare non-oily food.  

How To Choose The best bamboo steamer in India

If you want to buy a bamboo steamer for your house, you have ample options. They are available in various sizes and designs. However, to buy a bamboo steamer, you must follow some rules and tips. In this discussion, you will learn about the tips to select the best bamboo steamer for your home.

  • Size:

You must be well-aware of the size of the bamboo steamers. They are available in various sizes and designs. It is available in 10 inches, 12 inches, or 14 inches. You can buy the one that suits your requirements. You must have a proper idea of the space and food accommodation. This is the most essential point to remember.

  • Quality:

You must always give special preference to the quality of the bamboo steamer. The bamboo steamer be durable and must give you long term service. If you are investing in the bamboo steamer, you deserve the best. You must also check that the bamboo steamer is made of high-quality bamboo. If it is not made of good-quality bamboo you may not use it for a long time. This needs to be checked at the time of purchase.

  • Storage area::

It is also vital to check the storage area of the bamboo steamer. You must check it before buying. If you have a larger requirement, you must go with the large ones. This allows placing the foods comfortably, and they will stay fresh for a longer period of time. If you have a small space in the kitchen, you must go with one that is compact. This will allow you to save kitchen space.

  • Check the steamer ring:

You must also keep an eye on the steamer ring of the bamboo steamer. It is made of metal rings. The metal rings should be present so they can eliminate the vapor from the basket.

  • Easy to clean and maintain:

It is okay if you select the bamboo steamer that has an easy cleaning process. The bamboo steamers are always easy to clean because of its materials. Thus, you can simply wash and use it for the second time. You can do it alone.

  • Check the lid:

You need to check the lid of the bamboo steamer. It is essential to see that the lid is tightly fixed on the bamboo steamer. If it is tightly fixed, you can easily cook the food and get the chance to have a tasty dish.

  • Reviews:

It is also good if you check the reviews of the product before buying it. You will find various such sites that will furnish you with relevant information on the products. It is good if you visit the sites and go through the specific product.

  • Warranty period:

You must also check the warranty period of the product. It is vital to note that the steamer must have a minimum warranty period. It should have a warranty period of six months from the purchasing date.

Final Words:

Steaming is a steady & healthier cooking method popular across the world. It allows you to prepare Indian, Western and Chinese dishes. However, you can check out various steamer options, being offered by different manufacturers. If you are not sure about your selection then check mentioned top-three options.