3 Most Popular Uttapam Makers In India

Most of you must be fans of South Indian breakfasts like Dosa, Idly, Vada, and many others. Uttapam is one of those favorite breakfasts in India. It is a kind of dosa, which is made using a similar batter. This is a bit thicker than the dosa and it is soft and not crispy like the dosa. It is famous across all states in South India and has a different name in each state. If you are also some who loves Uttapam, and you visit hotels near you to enjoy some tasty Uttapam, you should get home an Uttapam Maker.

With an Uttapam maker, you will be able to make Uttapam at home and the recipe is very simple. You will be able to find several videos on the internet about how to make Uttapam. So, now you no longer will have to rush to any restaurant as they can be made at your comfort. They are available in different sizes and so you will be able to pick one depending on the size of your family. You should make sure that you are checking the number of cavities for the Uttapam maker. The higher is the number of cavities, the higher will be the number of Uttapam you will be able to make in one go.

Best Selling Uttapam Makers Online In India

In India, there are several different brands available for Uttapam makers. You need to be very careful while picking one for your kitchen as they come in different shapes and sizes. If you are buying it for the first time, then here are some of the best options that you can consider. These three Uttapam makers are the bestselling products in the Indian market. So, check out their details and pick the one that suits your requirements.

1. Cello Non-Stick 4- Cavity Aluminium Appam/Uttapam Maker

Cavity Aluminium AppamUttapam Maker

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 The first product on this list is Cello Non-Stick 4- Cavity Aluminium Appam/Uttapam Maker. It comes in a Black and Gold color combination. The Uttapam maker is made using Aluminum material and is a highly durable product. It comes with four cavities and hence you will be able to make four Uttapam at a time. The non-stick coating of this maker is an advantage for you as you will be able to remove Uttapam easily without getting stuck to the pan. The best part is it comes with a one-year warranty. It has a removable handle and can be removed with just one button press.



The Uttapam maker comes with a one-year warranty. The cavities of the Uttapam maker are too small.
The handle of the Uttapam maker can be removed.  
The non-stick coating of the pan makes it simple to use and clean.  
It is made using highly-durable Aluminum material.  

2. NIRLON Non-Stick Pancake Maker/Uttapam Maker 4 Cavity Tawa

NIRLON Non-Stick Pancake Maker

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If you are looking for a lightweight and durable Uttapam maker, then check out NIRLON Non-Stick Pancake Maker/Uttapam Maker 4 Cavity Tawa. Nirlon is a very good brand in the Indian market. It is made using food-grade aluminum material and lasts for a very long time. It has four cavities for making four Uttapams at a time. The handle is made using Bakelite and is very strong as well. The pan comes with a non-stick coating which is very helpful in the easy cooking of Uttapam. It is also dishwasher safe.



Food does not get stuck to the pan and hence cooking and cleaning are easy. The non-stick coating does not last for a long time.
The non-stick coating helps in healthy cooking without oil.  
It comes with a long handle made using Bakelite.  
It is made using aluminum and so it is light in weight.  

3. Swarambh Non Stick Mini Grill Tawa Uttapam Tawa 

Swarambh Non Stick Mini Grill Tawa Uttapam Tawa

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 The next product that you should check out is Swarambh Non-Stick Mini Grill Tawa Uttapam Tawa. It comes in black and gray color and is made using aluminum material. It is a lightweight Tawa or pan and can be used easily. There are four cavities in the Uttapam pan and comes with a long handle. Along with Uttapam, you will also be able to use the pan for making pancakes, mini omelets, and much more. It is a three-layered pan and so the heat distribution is even. You will be able to make some perfect Uttapams.



You will be able to make four Uttapam at a time. The Uttapam pan is very thin.
You will be able to use it in multiple ways.  
The non-stick coating on the pan is safe and does not react.  
It is made using highly-durable aluminum material.  

How to choose the best Uttapam Maker in India?

After Dosa, Uttapam is another South Indian dish that has become the favourite food of every foodie. Thick base, little crunchiness with vegetable toppings is a deadly combination that makes a perfect evening snack or morning breakfast. To get the desired flavour, you must have a special maker called Uttapam Tawa or Maker. A perfectly designed Uttapam maker helps you prepare an Uttapam within minutes. But, when choosing any cookware, there are several things to keep in mind. From size to capacity, coating to material, everything is important. Let us discuss:

⇒ 1. Material

You will find a wide array of options when it comes to an Uttapam Maker. Buyers should choose the sturdy and last longer material. An Uttapam Maker can be made from different materials including Anodised Aluminum, Aluminium, and Cast Iron. Anodized aluminium is a good source of heat conduction while cast iron material heats up steadily. This material usually comes with a 100% non-stick coating, so that you can use it for a prolonged period. Talking about Aluminium Uttapam Maker, that will be super lightweight and easy to handle. The only cons are that it reacts with acidic food. If you use the unit only for uttapam then this aluminium is perfect for you.

⇒ 2. Handle

Uttapam maker with longer handle will provide better sturdy grip and ease of cooking. In addition, the handle should be made of ergonomic material, so that you can prevent incidents like burns. It also ensures strength and durability. The heat-resistant handles allow you to cook safely and freely. Therefore, you should choose the maker with a heat-resistant handle so you will be able to move it even if it’s too hot.

⇒ 3. Size, Shape and Thickness

Uttapam makers usually come in a rectangular shape under different sizes. So before buying, make sure the size will suit your stove size. Also, check the thickness as the wider the Tawa, the more time it will take to cook the perfect Uttapam, due to which the gas will also be consumed more.

⇒ 4. Non-stick Coating

You should check the coating if you don’t want food to stick to the four sections of the cooking pot. The maker with a non-stick coating prevents burning and sticking while keeping your food tasty and healthy.

⇒ 5. PFOA Coating

PFOA refers to Polytetrafluoroethyelen, a special type of chemical used to craft non-stick coating. Many research shows that PFOA is dangerous for human health. It is always recommended to choose the cookware with PFOA free.

⇒ 6. Easy to Cleaning

The cookware comes with a non-stick coating, not recommended to clean with hard objects, but at the same time very effective and user-friendly as compared to other materials. After using Uttapam Maker, carefully read the cleaning instructions in the user manual to prevent scratches.

⇒ 7. Price

Endless Uttapam Maker under different price lists is available in the market. You can choose one suits your budget. But pay attention; do not buy any cheap quality material. You will find an affordable maker that is overall good.

Bottom Line

So, which product did you like the most from the above three Uttapam makers? Whatever is your choice, you will have to make sure that the product you picked is as per the requirements and also durable. These Uttapam Makers are easily available at a store near you and also available online.