Best Birthday Video Ideas You Can Make for Free

In case you are out of ideas for making a creative birthday video, relax! You aren’t the only one.

Everyone seems to get bogged down and run out of ideas one day or another. To help get the creative juices flowing, we bring you practical birthday video ideas to make the video funny, creative, and memorable. So, let’s get started.

What to include in a birthday video?

A birthday video can be the perfect mix of video, special effects, audio, graphics, etc.

Starting with the video

Wondering where to start? Try InVideo to get started with free video making. Simply login, pick up a birthday video template from hundreds of options to choose from and start editing.

That’s all for the birthday video ideas; hopefully, you will be able to create a memorable and wonderful experience for your cherished loved one.

Sing along

Try singing if you think merely speaking isn’t enough. You can download the lyrics of a popular song and maybe add a few of your own lines in between to make it even more entertaining.

Make it memorable

Share a memory from travelling, shopping, or enjoying a movie. It is one of the best ways to remind you of both sweet memories.

Use quotations

Quotes can never be outdated, and maybe mixing a few of your own sentences in between can give out that warm and touching feeling.

Year review

Birthday is the time when you look back at the past and celebrate the new one. Why not use a birthday video maker to create a review video of your special moments of last year.


You can also adopt the narrative style just as in a movie. Try to highlight the special events in life and create a birthday video similar to a biography.

Birthday video ideas

Here’s some inspiration for the birthday videos.

  1. Gifting video

Don’t just present gifts. Make a video and provide instructions for the birthday person to get the gift.

  1. Old pictures video

Dive into the old pictures album to find a mix of funny, emotional, meaningful pictures and then use them to create a video.

  1. Funny video

You can put together a video with all puns and jabs to make a funny and silly video to bring a smile to the person’s face.

  1. Thank You on social media video

Move over the conventional thank you on social media; instead, create a short video conveying good wishes of the year and acknowledging the importance of the person in your life.

  1. Life story video

Create a mini-biography video which includes all major events that have occurred in the recipient’s life which they want to cherish and re-live.

  1. Year review video

Birthdays are times when you take a note of where you are currently and what you have done in the past year. Through the year review video, you can easily highlight the entire gamut of activities that have occurred during the past year.

  1. Collection of old memories

Find the oldest photos and clips and put them together to make it a blast from the past. The recipient is likely to have a feeling of watching an old movie along with a birthday wish.

  1. Party invite video

Reach out to all your friends, family, and relatives via social media using a simple birthday video invitation, which includes the date, time, venue along with the memorable photos. To make it easier, you can pick any invitation template on a video maker and customise it to fit your needs.

Do you wish to make the next birthday you celebrate of your dear one a unique occasion? Why not give that special someone a birthday they will treasure in the years to come by making a stunning video for them? Birthdays come around but once a year and videos can be of the most inventive ways of making your birthday greeting feel more personal.