3 Most Popular Roti Makers in India

From small Gatherings to Big Parties, Roti is the ingredient that gets served. As Indians, it is an essential part of every meal, as it makes your tummy full.  However, making a soft and fresh roti by using the traditional method can be difficult.That’s why you should have an electric appliance that helps you prepare roti without any hassle.

An electrical roti maker not only enables you to prepare perfect roti but is also effective for making parathas. Thus, the use of the rolling boards, rolling pins and griddle will be reduced thereby saving efforts and time.Spending unnecessary time making round roti during a hectic working period will create frustration. It would be good to have a reliable roti maker when you’re a working woman or man.

Best Quality Roti Makers Online In India

There is a ton of Roti Maker available in India in different sizes, colours and prices. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just make sure with your preference and choice. Here we bring our personal favourite roti maker brand in India. Let’s take a look:

1. BAJAJ VACCO Go-EzzeeChapatiMaker

BAJAJ VACCO Go-EzzeeChapatiMaker

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This electric machine BAJAJ VACCO is used to make round roti and Khakra. It is equipped with automatic cut-off features; hence enable you to prepare light and fluffy roti as seems in TV commercials. With this roti maker, now you can make gasping up rotis in a few minutes.  This convenient roti-maker is lightweight, hence easy to carry from one place to another.

Now say goodbye to the hassle of using roller pins and roller board. This ergonomically designed chapatti/ roti maker is an ideal option for vast gatherings. For your festival and wedding season, this roti maker is come in handy.

It is versatile and multipurpose can also use it to make Kulchas, Paranthas, Papads, even Kulchas. A key benefit of having this chapatti maker is, it consumes less electricity as the operating voltage is 230 V to 240 V at 50Hz. Although thanks to build-up quality, as it is made of the stainless steel body.



It is equipped with a quality food grade ‘Teflon Heritage’ cottage, ensure safety without stickiness. You need careful because the top cover lid gets hot.
The build quality is too sturdy, as made of stainless steel.  
It comes with an automatic cut-off feature with indicator light.  
The black and steel combination is a great value for money.  

2. Prestige PRM 3.0 Roti Maker

Prestige PRM 3.0 Roti Maker

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Prestige is one of the popular brands; provide a wide range of kitchen and home appliances. The appliances offered by Prestige makes your life easier and simpler. If you’re seeking a roti maker with innovative features for a long time, this is going to be an excellent choice.

The product is a good combination of portability, quality and performance. Because it contains several advanced features which makes it the first choice of customers. The stainless steel body, known as strong material has been used to build this roti maker.

Another thing that you will like in this roti maker is its non-stick plate which takes less power, offer well-cooked roti for every meal. Talking about dimension and weight, it has 30 x 20 x 21 cm width and 1.4 kg weight; hence you can carry it easily without risk of getting damaging or cracks on it.



Prestige is one of the leading brands in India. It is less effective as compared to other brands.
It comes in handy when you prepare meals for large gatherings.  
The roti maker saves your efforts and time too.  
This versatile roti maker can also use to prepare Papad, Paranthas, etc.  

3. Xodi Silver Tough Roti Maker

Xodi Silver Tough Roti Maker

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The third and final option is Xodi Roti Maker, which is great for regular kitchen use.  This automatic electric machine has been equipped with an automatic cut-off feature which helps to make light and fluffy roti on your own. It is made of stainless steel material, hence rust-free, easy to clean, and ensure long-term usage.

Thanks to the cool-touch handle, it provides you with a better grip and enables you to hold it without the risk of burning hands. This portable electric equipment provides a better cooking experience. The roti surface is also made of premium-quality material, since using Teflon coated non-stick aluminium. This high-quality roti maker gives perfect shape and fluffiness to roti or Chapatti. Hence, it is a perfect mix of quality, safety, performance and versatility.



It is very easy to clean the product. Not found.
The product is lightweight yet very convenient.  
It has perfect dimensions.  
It is a user-friendly and budget-friendly product.  

How to Choose the Best Roti Maker

Here you will come across some of the best tips which will help in preparing the best and tasty rotis for your home. Let us proceed with the selection tips.

  • Quality:

If you are buying a roti maker for your kitchen, you must never compromise with the quality of the product. Please select the ones that are made with high-quality materials you will get the best service.

  • Operating mode:

You must also check the operating mode of the device while buying it. It is okay if you go with the one that has an accessible operating way. This will help smooth handling and making of tasty or round-shaped rotis. You can also get roti makers that have complicated operating modes. It is okay if you get roti makers that can make other things like parathas or similar other items. This will make your kitchen work much better and smoother.

  • Branded ones:

You must always select the product that belongs to reputed brands. Never go with the unknown ones. They may create problems while you face any issues in operating or other areas.

  • Size of the roti maker:

You must also verify the size and weight of the roti maker before buying the product. The size of the tawa of the roti maker ranges from 8 to 12 inches. You must check that the measure comes within that range. On the other hand, you must also inquire about the weight of the device. It is a significant issue for a roti maker as you have to lift the upper lid and put it down. It would help if you pressed it to get thin-shaped rotis. If required, you can check it several times.

  • Presence of manual:

The manual should be present within the box. You must check it because it will help with the right direction of operating the device. Never buy a device without a manual.

  • Shockproof body:

The roti maker’s body should be heat-proof and shockproof. This will help or prevent you from meeting with an accident. On the other part, the handle of the device should be heatproof. This will allow you the easy operation of the device.

  • Presence of ON/OFF Indicator light:

There must be an indicator light on the device that will keep you informed. If you opt for the cheap ones, you may not get the service.

  • Warranty period:

It is an essential point you must always check while buying a roti maker. It is wrong to buy a roti maker without a warranty period. The warranty period should commence from your purchasing date.

  • Reviews:

It would help if you gathered all reviews from various sites, provided they are genuine. This will help in picking the correct information about the product. You will get a proper idea of the device. This is why feedback forms a crucial part of  any product purchase.


Roti Makers plays a significant role to prepare essential food called roti. Without a roti maker, your kitchen is incomplete, as it is one of the important electrical equipment. That not only gives you ease but also reduce your repetitive cooking task. Thus, you can pick any of mentioned roti makers for your kitchen.

How to Use the Roti Maker Properly

With roti makers, you can make round and fluffy rotis at home. It takes less time to make and prepare hot rotis at home. But you must know the procedure to use the roti maker. Here are some steps you need to follow to use the roti maker easily.

  • You have to make soft dough with your own hands. Make sure that the dough is soft and nicely kneaded. Never use the roti maker immediately after making the dough. You need to wait at least half an hour after making the dough.
  • Now place the roti maker on a flat surface and switch on the device.
  • Take some freshly kneaded dough and make a flat dough on your palm. Once the round dough is made, you have to place it on dry flour.
  • Now place the patty on the base of the roti maker and close the lid of the device.
  • While closing the lid, there is a little pressure on the lid, which creates pressure on the patty.
  • You have to close the lid just for a few seconds. Once it is over, you have to remove the lid of the roti maker.
  • When you remove the lid, you have to turn the roti on the other side. You have to wait for a few seconds.
  • When the roti blows and flips out of the roti maker, it means that your roti is ready to eat. You can remove or bring out the roti from the device and serve it on the plate.
  • Thus, it is only required to make the dough and place it on the palm to make the patty. The rest of the work will be done by the roti maker. It takes just a few minutes to prepare the round and hot rotis.