3 Most Popular Grill Pans In India

It is highly recommended that you get a grill pan if you enjoy grilled cuisine on a regular basis and eating out consumes the majority of your earnings from restaurants.

You’ll be able to satisfy all of your appetites with these multi-tasking grill plates without breaking the bank! This is also a requirement for every Indian who appreciates the culinary arts. These grill pans have been specifically developed for use in the house rather than for commercial purposes.

They make your Indian food taste exactly like it would if it were made in a restaurant. The Use of these products is not necessitated by a strong culinary background; rather, they are convenient and user-friendly.

They are tailored to meet your specific grilling requirements, so they will not take up additional counter space in the kitchen.

Buy Most Popular Grill Pans In India

When purchasing the grill pans on the Indian market, the types, size, and elements of the grill will vary depending on the customer’s preferences. To ensure that you are not required to do so, we have conducted a thorough analysis.  Have a look:

1. Cello Aluminium Non Stick Grill Pan

Cello Aluminium Non Stick Grill Pan

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This Cello grill non-stick pan is constructed of aluminum and is an excellent accessory for outdoor grilling. On this grill, you may cook paneer, vegetables, cheese sandwiches, and a variety of other dishes.

It is possible to use this Cello grill pan with a gas stove because it is nonstick. It is available in a single color: black and it has a square shape. It is built on a non-induction foundation.


  • Aluminum is used in the construction of the grill pan.
  • Its dimensions are 25.9 x 25.1 x 3.5 centimetres (inches).
  • The pan’s base measures 2.5mm in thickness.
  • This pan is square & features a ribbed bottom for added durability.



The pans are a fantastic alternative to using an outdoor barbeque. Can be used only on gasstove
The handle of this pan is made of heat-resistant material. It stays pleasantly cool on the cooktop for a long period of time.  
It is a pan that may be used for many different things. You can grill cheese, vegetables, sandwiches, and a variety of other things.  
By lowering the amount of oil used in cooking, the nonstick pan makes it simple to prepare a great dinner.  
It is simple to maintain.  

2. Indus Valley Grill Pan

Indus Valley Grill Pan

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The Indus Valley grill pan is made of a durable material and is an excellent substitute for outdoor grilling equipment.


  • This grill pan is already pre-seasoned with edible oil which indicates that it is prepared for usage.
  • Cooking is made easier with a comfortable handle.
  • Suitable for use with a gas burner or an induction cooktop
  • Cooking with less oil is possible because of the non-sticky finish.
  • Long-lasting construction and a strong body
  • There is no use of plastic or toxic chemical coatings.



Because it has already been seasoned, it could be used right away. The grill pan must be well-seasoned and kept in a dry environment in order to prevent rust from forming.
It may be used on any type of cooktop, including induction.  
It infuses iron into your meals, making it more nutritious.  
Cleaning is simple, requiring only a soft scrubber & light soapy liquid.  

3. Wonderchef Grill pan

Wonderchef Grill pan

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In comparison to other pans, this one is an excellent value. Quality standards and marble finishing have advanced to an entirely new level, providing you with the best possible user experience to make your kitchen sparkle. The extra liquids will be drained through the two spouts that are now present.

As part of their non-stick coating, Wonder Chef assures that its utensils are both durable and dependable. This coating allows for little oil cooking or even heat dispersion. Because they are subjected to a slew of tests to guarantee that they live a long and healthy life.

They also take into consideration the most important health considerations, since they are safe from PFOA and other hazardous compounds when being heated. Because you may make a variety of food for a complete dining experience, you can depend on it for your everyday meals as well.



Comes with 2 year warranty, has an ergonomically designed handle Color is bit dull
Easy to clean pan  
Scratch-resistant pan  

How to Choose the Best Grill Pans in India?

Grilling is an interesting method of cooking that has a rich flavour and tends to be crispy with minimal oil or butter, resulting in healthier cooking. If you are also looking for the best grill pan, you will find many options under different models, materials and prices. Keep reading to learn what to keep in mind when buying a grill pan.

  • Pan with Handles

Two types of handles have been equipped with grill pans, one long handle, and a second short handle. Pans with long handles are suitable for grill pans as they tend to be less hot, but also add some extra weight to the pan. Before buying, make sure the pan you are going to choose has a handle that is coated with an insulating material and will stay cool, especially in the case of cast iron pans.

  • Shallow or Raised Edges

Edges of grill skillets are essential as raised edges enable the food to cook thoroughly. Yes, it takes additional time, but the food won’t stick to the base of the pan. Moreover, the fool will require no oil or minimal oil, hence allowing healthier cooking. On the other hand, pans with shallow edges will heat up faster, but the outer stuff of the food will be crispy but the deep will still be raw. It also requires more oil to cook the food.

  • Material

It is advisable to choose grill pans carefully as they can be crafted of different materials, such as Aluminium, Cast Iron, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel.

Aluminium – Pans made of this material can tolerate high heat and temperatures. Usually, this type of pan is enamelled with multiple layers of non-stick coating, which is safe for even cooking. Moreover, it prevents food from sticking.

Cast Iron – Grill Skillets made with cast iron ensure durability and is the safest one for cooking at high temperature and heat.

Ceramic – Ceramic pan come with non-stick features and has high-temperature retentive power. The only con is they may break or crack on declining, so they aren’t durable.

Stainless Steel – Grill pans made from stainless steel is durable and sturdy. Also, it comes with a non-stick coating, ensuring the best cooking experience.

  • Size and Shape of Pan

Grill pans come in either round shapes or round shapes. Pans having a square shape provide extra room space for cooking than round ones. Also, it is the most-liked and common shape chosen by numerous users. But even though cooking is done in round pans, square pans may not heat evenly at the corners.

  • Weight of the Pan

Light pans are always easier to carry and hold than heavy ones. Also, when food items are put in them, they become heavy. So always choose a pan that is lightweight and durable.

  • Ease of Cleaning

The pan is used as long as it is easy to clean. Instructions are given by the manufacturer of the item to clean it so that it needs to be checked.

Bottom line

If you have a craving for grilled cuisine and eating out is not always an option, then invest in a grill pan that will provide you with the right taste of grill in the comfort of your own home.

Excellent features are available at a cheaper price with these fantastic offers.

You can check out the list of the top 3 grill pans, which we have selected after conducting extensive research. Read this instructive article to find out everything you need to know about purchasing a grill pan.