3 Most Popular Soup Makers in India

When winters come, we all love to have soup in our diet. You will feel happy if soups are prepared in our home. To get delicious and yummy soups, you can have a soup maker at home. Soup makers are introduced to this modern world to enjoy soups at any time of the day. A big bowl of hot soup after a hectic day will keep you hydrated and increase your immunity level to a great extent. Soup makers help in extracting the nutrients from the vegetables and making them healthy.

You will get several soup makers that will help you to get a Chinese taste in India. Just imagine how you will feel if you get a yummy soup taste in your home. The soup maker is made after careful study and research work.

Best Selling Soup Makers Online in India

Now you will come across some of the best soup makers available in the Indian market.

1. Phillips 1000watt soup maker

Phillips 1000watt soup maker

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It is a beautiful market that has received the popularity and trust of the buyers. It is with this product you can get the flavor of the original Chinese soup. This soup maker is suitable for small families. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters. The five different preset programs will help in preparing items like soup, jam, and other fluids. You will also get a recipe book along with the product which will help better prepare the dishes.

If you want, you can also use it as a small blender. It gives fantastic blending functions to the users. You will feel happy to get the flavor of yummy soups in your diet.



Ideal for small family members. It does not provide the process to saute the ingredients.
It helps in getting yummy soups within 40 minutes.  
Have fewer noise levels during the operating time.  
Made of high-quality materials.  

2. Steemo plastic and stainless steel

Steemo plastic and stainless steel

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If you wish to cook multiple food items, you can select this product. It will feel nice to have a different feeling of cooking delicious dishes. You can now cook a lot of food items in this appliance. The device also ensures that all the food items, including the vegetables, are uniformly cooked. It is also equipped with high-quality heat technology that helps the cooking more manageable and more accessible for you. It takes less time to cook the food. This product is ideal for every kitchen.

Another facility of using this product is that you can ensure and maintain your health. It can keep you active throughout the day. The jars of this machine are made with high-quality stainless steel. You will get handles attached to the appliance that will help in the easy lifting of the device. The cooker preserves the original taste of the food to a great extent. It is ideal for cooking a wide variety of dishes.



Ideal for cooking a variety of yummy dishes. The lid of the cooker must have been made a little better.
Preserves the original taste of the food and its nutritional values.  
Helps in a uniform cooking of the food.  
Made of superior-quality stainless steel material.  

3. American Micronic 6 in one soup maker

American Micronic 6 in one soup maker

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If you are in a hurry to make soups, you must try this device. You can now upgrade your kitchen with this soup maker. It is a six in one soup maker that allows you to prepare multiple items. This is an excellent thing as you can make several yummy dishes. It heats and blends the ingredients in just a few minute’s. The high-speed extraction facility will help in maintaining the nutrients of the food items. The extraction process is excellent and innovative at the same time.

The soup maker also comes with a sensor system that will help in regulating and maintaining the device. You need to add the ingredients and switch on the button. You will get delicious soups within a few minute’s time. You can also maintain the speed of the tool with some easy steps. Anyone can handle the device. The sleek look of the soup maker has also gained the attention of the buyers to some extent.



It helps in making several dishes. The warranty period should have been extended.
Easy to operate and handle the device.  
Comes with the good-quality sensor system. It will help in operating the device.  
Helps in preparing soups within a few minutes.  

How to Choose the Best Soup Makers?

Buying a soup maker is quite difficult as there are many options available in the Indian market.  Here’s a quick fix on how to choose the best soup maker. In this section, we are going to discuss some aspects like the number of blades, speed settings, engine power, types of functions and jars. Let’s have a brief look:

1. Multiple Speed Options and Number of Blades

Speed ​​setting is the primary aspect you should keep in mind when buying a soup maker. This factor is directly related to engine power. High powered soup maker usually comes with different speed settings. In addition, it also provides a greater quality of mixing and synchronizing than single-speed instruments. Depending on the hardness of the specific food mix, you can buy a device with the right speed options.

In addition to the multiple speed options, you should also consider the multiple blades in your soup maker. Depending on the model of the device, the number of blades may vary. Generally, they have equipped with 4 to 6 blades. Devices with four blades are the most user-friendly as they can mix tough foods even quickly and easily. Not only that, it is important to keep the base materials of the blades in mind. Blades made of stainless steel are more efficient and stronger than other materials.

2. Jar’s Quality

The quality of the jar depends on the material and the capacity of the jar which needs to be taken into consideration. Jar capacity ranges from 1.2 litres to 1.8 litres or sometimes more, with the capacity of the container determining how many people you can serve. A 1.2-litre capacity jar is suitable for four people to use while a 1.8 to 2-litre jar is ideal for 6 to 8 people. If the container is looking for which will be used for a large batch of food, then 2 litres meets your requirement. When it comes to jar material, there are several options available such as glass, steel, plastic.

A container made of glass with a clean design ensures the finest transparency while the stainless steel frame ensures sturdiness, durability as it is tough and unbreakable. Moreover, it is best suited for crushing hard items like ice and is a good source of heat retention. Talking about plastic, it is too fragile than the other two options. But, some premium quality plastic can withstand high temperatures and is resistant.

3. Exciting Features

In addition to robustness, it is necessary to look for exciting features. These include automatic programme, manual mixing, heat preservation, automatic cleaning, safety function, the pulse system, scheduled preparation, and so on.

4. Cost

To buy a soup maker in India, cost, on this list, is another essential factor is taken into consideration. You should invest thoughtfully as this device has been offered under both costly and affordable ranges. Choose a soup maker that should be your kitchen companion but that doesn’t mean you’ll be investing a lot in it.


Soup maker is a wonderful tool or kitchen appliance that will help with the dishes. The design of the soup maker is made in such a manner that it will allow you to quickly and efficiently handle soups. You can also get the soup maker at a reasonable price. This is why you can get to see the appliance in almost all modern kitchens.