3 Most Popular Oven Toaster Grills in India

OTG or Oven Toaster Grills are thoughtfully designed for those who love baking, grilling and roasting. They are varying from regular microwaves, as they can be used for preparing cookies, cakes, grill sandwiches & chicken, among others.  With Oven toaster Grills, you can enhance your baking and grilling skills by innovating delicious dishes.

OTG is an all-rounder oven, which can be used as a microwave to bake a cake, used as a griller to grill kebabs and used as a toaster to toast bun, bread and various other things. Typically, OTG’s are smaller in size and required heat coils to cook food. Along with it, it needs less heat as compared to microwave ovens.

Best Selling OTG Oven Online In India

Various Indian brands include Bajaj, Pigeon, Prestige, and Philips that offer varieties of OTG with various innovative features and different price ranges. It can be difficult to decide which of them is better? However, the final decision will be yours as all are excellent in terms of quality.  But we have mentioned our personal favourite three top OTG’s in India.

1. Bajaj Majesty Oven Toaster Griller 

Bajaj Majesty Oven Toaster Griller 

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Bajaj is one of the oldest companies in India that ensure good quality in their kitchen and home appliances. Bajaj Majesty OTG is one of the kitchen appliances which provide ease you to bake, grill and toast whatever you like. This toaster griller has various key features, making it the first choice of customers.

The thing you will like in this griller, its stainless steel power coated body which makes this griller rust-free and long-lasting. Another best thing about this machine is it comes with a timer which all to operate your cooking task. In the box, you will get the main product, baking tray, skewer rods, Crumb tray, tong, grill rack, etc. Isn’t it ideal for the overall cooking task? Of course yes.

Talking about size, OTG by Bajaj has a capacity of 16 Litres, which enable you to put it in your kitchen without thinking about space. Also, you can prepare or grill anything for a maximum of two or three people. Thanks to a 2-year warranty, you can use this OTG conveniently for a long duration.



The OTG by Bajaj is good in terms of performance and build quality. It is an ideal option for small families.
It comes with a 2-year warranty.  
Two out of three baking shelves of this OTG can be used at a time.  
Now, you can enhance you’re cooking speed by using this OTG.  

2. Philips Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips Digital Oven Toaster Grill

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Philips is one of the most popular brands that manufacture innovative home and kitchen appliances in India. The company is known for smart features, premium quality and elegance in products. Oven Toaster Grill or OTG by Philips have several features such as a digital display panel, accessories for multi-cooking, Chamber lights etc.

The technology used in this OTG is Opti-Temp technology ensure versatile cooking with the advantages of finest browning and perfect crispiness.  Now, you can bake perfect cakes every time with this phenomenal OTG. With this OTG, you can prepare non-oily delicious dishes like cookies, toast, fish, meat, etc.

The best thing about this product is it improves flavour by reducing moisture and crispiness all time. You will impressive by its Digital display panel feature, as it allows you to select various modes as per your cooking requirements. The one OTG comes with a wide range of accessories like grilling, rack, baking & drip tray, tongs, rotisserie.



The accessories that come with OTG are rust-free for cleaning and maintenance. The material of the baking tray has slightly cheaper.
This OTG provides ease and comfort while cooking.  
The in-build cooking mode makes it easy and convenient for use.  
The build quality of OTG is phenomenal.  

3. AGARO Marvel Oven Toaster Griller

AGARO Marvel Oven Toaster Griller

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If you’re seeking an affordable OTG along with smart features then you can consider AGARO Marvel OTG. With this OTG, you can bake delicious pizzas, bread, cakes, soft bread, meat and various vegetables. The product provides 5-heat heating that is suited to all your toasting, baking and grilling requirements.

Another thing that you will like about this OTG is its crystal clear display enables you to choose the setting of your choice. It offers the finest cooked meat and other food items. Its quality of cooking makes it preferable among users. The brand provides OTG with different capacities. Thus, you can choose as per your cooking need.



The illuminated chamber helps you see the food being cooked. The heat remains for short period.
It is a pocket-friendly product.  
Its cool-touch handle ensures complete safety.  

How To Choose The Best OTG Oven In India

With the advent of toaster grills, most of our tasks have become easier and smoother. With this tool, you can prepare a wide number of dishes. No matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you can rely on these products to make the best dishes. It is a compact device that comes with numerous advantages and benefits. It helps you grill the food in the best possible manner. It is a great device that you can place it anywhere. It comes with a sturdy design. You will get many noted brands who are involved in the work of manufacturing this machine.

If you wish to buy the best oven toaster grill for your kitchen, you must check some points. It is essential to keep these points in your mind. This will help you  make the right purchase. Let us check the best buying guides.

1. Capacity:

You must be well aware of the capacity of the oven toaster grill. If you have a small family, it is better to buy a product that has a capacity of 15 to 20 liters. On the other hand, if you have a big family you can have a 30 liter oven with a toaster grill machine. It will serve your purpose.

2. Check your usage:

You must remember your usage. You must have proper information about the purpose for which the machine was purchased. It is a machine used for grilling, toasting. If you are a professional who is interested in making a barbeque you can go for the best ones or for the ones that can help you in this work.

3. Right dimension:

You must have proper information about the dimensions of the machine. Most kitchens have less space, and you need to place or fit the machine within it. Thus, it is okay if you take a prior measurement of the machine before purchasing it. It is essential to remember that there should be enough space in front of the rear so there is free air ventilation.

4. Price:

You can also check the price of the product. Typically, the cost of OTG is much lower and less expensive than that of microwave machines. If you want, it can come within a range of Rs. 3000. However, the advanced models may come within a range of Rs 15,000. It will depend on you which one you prefer.

5. Electricity consumption:

It is known to all that OTG’s consume less electricity than microwave machines.  It is assumed that a 15 to 20 liter of OTG will consume about 1200 watts of electricity. This is much more reasonable than the microwave machines.

6. Reviews:

It is also essential to collect and gather proper reviews of the product from authentic sources. There are ample sites that can help you with this work. They can provide you with complete information. You must always try to acquire knowledge from authentic sources.

7. Warranty period:

It is also important to check the warranty period of the machine. It must have a one year warranty period. This warranty period should commence from the date of purchase.


With OTG, you can provide various flavours to your taste buds by baking, grilling and roasting bread, meat, sandwiches, and vegetables respectively. But the Indian market is full of OTG brands, thus you can consider above mention options. As, they ensure quality, gives you ease in cooking.