Top 5 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2020

A washing machine is one of the most useful daily household essentials. You can’t even imagine washing your clothes manually in your busy days. It is quite normal that many people don’t have sufficient time for cleaning clothes and washing them in today’s generation. Busy schedules, work pressures, and packed up routines don’t allow us to spend a particular time washing clothes. This is why you can’t avoid buying a washing machine to smoothen your life. Because you can’t wear dirty and unwashed clothes in your workplaces or somewhere in public. The usage of washing machines is kind of inevitable nowadays.

Here, in case of buying a good washing machine, you may doubt while choosing a brand or a model. There are multiple famous brands in the market of washing machines, and each of them serves you with advanced watching machines. Each brand has introduced new features and technologies for your well-being. So, it’s a natural thing that you will be in doubt while choosing a suitable brand for yourself. Before opting for a particular brand, you must have proper knowledge about every brand. That helps you choose the right brand that fulfills your requirements. We’re summing up the eminent brands and their incredible features to help you out.

Top 5 brands that brought a revolution in the market of washing machines:-

LG:– LG has been the leading washing machine manufacturer for several years now. LG has brought many innovative features in the budget washing machines. That’s why this brand is popular among the people of all classes. LG serves you with some excellent features that can grab your attention. These include:-

  • Direct drive technology is a key feature of this brand. LG uses direct drive technology instead of the regular belt system. This feature gives more durability.
  • LG washing machines offer you 6 types of different washing motions for a better wash.
  • An LG washing machine saves 36% more power while washing clothes.

Samsung:- Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in India. Millions of people loved using the Samsung washing machine for its user-friendly features and benefits. Let’s take a glance at the unique features of Samsung:-

  • Samsung uses eco bubble technology that helps to activate detergents more efficiently.
  • You can monitor your washing machine with your smartphone app if you’re Samsung.

Whirlpool:- Whirlpool is also known for best in class washing machines. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly washing machine, then Whirlpool is a good option. Whirlpool has introduced steam care technology, ZPF technology, and many other important features and new technologies to make the machines more efficient.

IFB:– IFB is best for their multiple wash motion and washing technologies. IFB also has a good reputation in the market for washing machines. You will be able to avail of several new features like air bubble wash, cradle wash, ball valve technology, and many more features while washing clothes.

Haier:– This brand has brought some quality washing machines in a very low price range. You will have multiple features at a low cost. If budget is your concern, you can go for this brand also.

These are the best brand options for you if you’re looking to buy a washing machine. Go through the article before you choose any particular brand. Consider your requirements and then choose the suitable brand for yourself.