Best Wired & Wireless Mice (Mouse) for Computer & Laptop in India

Wired Vs wireless mice: Which is best for computer and laptop?

The mouse is amongst the most important peripherals that almost every computer users always look for. Whether you are using a laptop or a PC, or even a touch screen laptop, having a mouse is a must as it provides you great usability and precise accuracy while working on the projects. However, with the advancement of the technology and generations of the mouse, they are now more accurate and are now available in the different types that target different types of computer users.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular types of mouse, namely wired and wireless mouse. So, if you were confused that which one of these mice are a perfect choice for you and aren’t able to zero on one of them, stay with us until the end of the article and know more about these types of mouse and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Wired Mouse

The wired mouse is a traditional type of mouse that we have been using from decades. These mice have a simple interface and wired to the CPU or the laptop through a USB cable. Although there is no major drawback in choosing the wired mouse for your computer but if you are having a limited number of USB Slots and are looking to establish a wire-free workspace at home, then choosing the wired mouse will not be the feasible choice for you.

However, if you do not have any shortage of USB slot in your PC and want to work by sitting at a proper place, then the wired mouse will be the best choice to go with. In comparison with the wireless mouse, these wired mice have a better life and easy maintenance, and most importantly, they are much cheaper than the wireless mouse.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is getting immensely popular among the buyers who prefer working on their laptops and aren’t too keen to deal with wires. Although the wireless mice are expensive in comparison with the wired mice, they provide a great value for money and have better usability as you can easily work from a distance which won’t be possible if you were using the wired mouse for the laptop.

In other words, the wireless mouse is the best option to go with, if you are an artist and are looking forward to having more space and less clutter in your workspace. The wireless mice are available in different range and models and you can easily find a perfect one if you are a gamer or a multimedia lover. Just go through the wide range of models from different brands and find a suitable wireless mouse for yourself.

Our choice

In all, both the wired and wireless mouse have their pros and cons and at the end, it totally depends on your choice, preference, and budget that which one of them you choose for yourself. For us, the wireless mice are a much better choice as they are easier to use, have better range and provides a better value for money.