Bigg Boss 8 Five Challengers Name & New Host Farah Khan

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Bigg Boss 8 Challengers – It is clear that now have total 5 challengers in Bigg Boss season 8 and their name and photo / image mentioned below but what is the task of these challengers with whom they have to participate in BB house.bigg boss 8 5 challengers photo image

Very first time in the history of Bigg Boss they are going to crown 5 contestants as winner today on 3rd of January and their name mentioned below. These 5 contestants will be finalists and they have to compete with the previous year contestants who called “Challengers” after competing with these who will stay till end will be announced the emerge winner of bigg boss season 8.

  1. Gautam Gulati
  2. Pritam Singh
  3. Ali Quli Mirza
  4. Karishma Tanna
  5. Dimpy Ganguly

The format of choosing the winner of Bigg Boss 8 is totally different from all previous 7 seasons. It is really too much fun and entertainment. In this entertainment have sad news for the viewers of Bigg Boss 8 as well. Which is that now you will not see the Salman Khan in coming weeks the show will be host Farah Khan and she will host the show first time and we hope she fulfill the emptiness of Salman Khan.

Salman Khan clearly said that he is unable to extend that date as the contract is already going to complete on 3rd of January after that he is busy in the shooting of his movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and can’t extend contract date and the remaining shows till 31st Farah Khan will host the show of Bigg Boss.

It will be really too much fun while previous & exist contestants of Bigg Boss compete with each other. Below is the name & Photo of Bigg Boss 8 Challengers.

  1. Ajaz Khan
  2. Rahul Mahajan
  3. Sambhavna Seth
  4. Mahek Chahal
  5. Sana Khan


Ajaz Khan Photo/Pic/Image

Ajaz Khan Photo/Pic/Image in Bigg Boss 8Ajaz Khan is really entertaining contestant and he won several hearts in the Bigg Boss Season 7 unfortunately he could not won the winning title of Bigg Boss 7 but got the chance to win it in Bigg Boss 8 and he is the first challenger in Bigg Boss house and shocked everyone with his entry.

Rahul Mahajan Photo/Pic/Image

Rahul Mahajan Photo/Pic/Image in Bigg Boss 8Everyone knows the Rahul Mahajan who entertains audience in Bigg Boss season 2. We have seen him earlier in Bigg Boss 8 party and emotional moment between Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Mahajan.

It will be really interesting to see how does anyone feel to stay with ex-wife in same house on national TV. As all knows Dimpy Mahajan filed a case of domestic violence against Rahul. Let see how their chemistry in the house of Bigg Boss will they be together whatever the result will see soon in Bigg Boss House.

Sambhavna Seth Photo/Pic/Image

Sambhavna Seth in Bigg Boss 8 photo image picSambhavana is an actoer and item girl and people still remember her for the fight with Raja Choudhary in Bigg Boss house. She also works in Bhojupuri movies she was evicted early from the bigg boss house in season 2 and chance to improve her performance in Bigg Boss 8 and hope she will do something entertaining to won the title of BB 8.

Mahek Chahal Photo/Pic/Image

Mahek Chahal Photo/Pic/Image in Bigg Boss 8From the bigg boss season 5 Mahek Chahal is back in BB8 as she already worked in several movies and well known face let see what happens when she enters in the Bigg Boss house once again.

Sana Khan Photo/Pic/Image

Sana Khan Photo/Pic/Image in Bigg Boss 8Sana was on 3rd place in Bigg Boss season 6 she is an actress, model and dancer. If you have remember she has worked in the movie “Jai Ho” play as daughter of main antagonist Danny Denzongpa. As she already won the several hearts and back to won the title it will really interesting to see what these Challengers do to won the Indian fans heart.

Hope you enjoy after viewing photo of these 5 challengers and name of 5 finalists contestants of bigg boss 8 what you think who will won the bigg boss 8 title.