Dance India Dance (DID) Winner List of Season 1,2,3,4,5

We all know that Dance India Dance (DID) how much popular in India and every dancer want to show his dancing talent on DID stage as several other already did. Dance India Dance is one of the biggest dancing platforms and find the real dancing talent by visiting different cities of India. So, far DID have given 5 Dancing Super Stars to India and their names are listed with their photo below. Here on this page I will share the detail information about Dance India Dance Season 1, 2,3,4 & 5 Winners with their images but before that would like to let share some interesting facts about the India’s best dance show DID.

Interesting & Unknown Facts of DID

Several DID fans don’t know that Dance India Dance is the version of famous dance reality show Zee Bangla “Dance Bangla Dance” which is also encompassed by Mithun Chakraborty as Grand Master. Did you remember when was the first episode of DID was aired on TV? No, the first show of Dance India Dance was aired on January 30, 2009 on Channel Zee TV which was produced by UTV Software Communications.

Format of the Show

Before live on the TV all the contestants have to give auditions in their nearby city infront 3 judges panel after selecting these contestants from all over India season’s top 18 contestants are chooses by head judge Mithu Chakraborty. These selected 18 contestants are trained by professional Bollywood choreographers.

Every week one of these contestants have left the show and the winner of the show is decided on the basis of audience SMS or missed call vote so far we have 4 Winners of Dance India Dance (DID) and their name are listed in the below table.

Dance India Dance Winners List of All Seasons

Season Year Winner Name Team Runner Up
DID Season 1 Winner 2009 Salman Yusuf Khan Remo Ke Rangeeley Alisha Singh (Terence Ki Toli)
DID Season 2 Winner 2010 Shakti Mohan Terence Ki Toli Dharmesh Yelande (Geeta Ki Gang)
DID Season 3 Winner 2012 Rajasmita Kar Geeta Ki Gang Pradeep Gurung (Terence Ki Toli)
DID Season 4 Winner 2014 Shyam Yadav Mudassar Ki Mandali Manan Sachdeva (Shruti Ke Shaandar)
DID Season 5 Winner 2015

Dance India Dance Winners of Season 1,2,3,4,5 with Images / Pic

Dance India Dance (DID) Season 1 Winner (2009)

DID 1 Winner Salman Yusuf Khan Winning Moment Pic ImageThe first season of Dance India Dance was won by the Salman Yusuf Khan from the team of Remo Ke Rangeeley. First season of DID was started on January 30 and continue till May 30, 2009 and it was hosted by the Tarana Raja.

Dance India Dance (DID) Season 2 Winner (2010)

DID 2 Winner Shakti Mohan Winning Moment Pic ImageThe final show of Dance India Dance season 2 was aired on 23rd April 2010 which was host by Jay Bhanushali & Saumya Tandon and this season was won by Shakti Mohan from the team of Terence Ki Toli & the first runner of the show was Dharmesh Yelande from Geeta Ki Gang.

Dance India Dance (DID) Season 3 Winner (2012)

DID 3 Winner Rajasmita Kar Winning Moment Pic ImageSeason after season DID becomes more popular in India and back with its season 3 and this season won by another Female dancer of Dance India Dance Rajasmita Kar from the team of (Geeta Ki Gang) the first runner was from the team of Terence Ki Toli Pradeep Gurung.

Dance India Dance (DID) Season 4 Winner (2014)

DID 4 Winner Shyam Yadav Winning Moment Pic ImageThis season was host by as usual Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon was replaced by Ishita Sharma. The season of DID 4 was very special as nun of previous popular judges were in the show it’s the season when we have new faces in the seat of judges and their names are Mudassar Khan, Feroz Khan, Shruti Merchant and the season 4 was won by Shyam Yadav from the team of (Mudassar Ki Mandli) and the first runner up was Manan Sachdeva from (Shruti Ke Shandar).

Dance India Dance (DID) Season 5 Winner (2015)

The season 5 of DID is won by the “Proneeta Swargiary” from the team of Punit Ke Panthers and the finale of Dance India Dance (DID) 5 was premiered on October 11, 2015 and Pronneta becomes the emerge winner of Dance India Dance season 5 winner.

DID 5 Winner Proneeta, Dance India Dance Season 5 WinnnerThe season 5 of DID was premiered on TV from 27th June 2015 and again hosted by Jay Bhanushali. We have another new faces in judge panel and their names are Mudassar Khan, Gaiti Siddiqui & Punit Pathak just want to let you know that Punit was the ex contestant of Dance India Dance and now he is judging the show. The winner of Dance India Dance Season 5 will be announced very soon and we will update it accordingly here till then you can bookmark or save this page. If you need any more information or any of these DID winner your favorite don’t forget to mentioned it in below box.

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Dance India Dance (DID) Season 6 (2016) Winner

The 6th edition of Dance India Dance (DID) is not aired on TV however interested dancer can give audition for DID 6 2016 for complete audition details visit this page “Dance India Dance (DID) 6 2016 Auditions Details“.