How to Stop/Deactivate Caller Tune/Hello Tunes of Jio, Airtel, VI, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL {2022}

How to Stop or Deactivate Caller Tune of Mobile Phone in 2022 – As we all know that Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea which is now (Vi), BSNL are some of the popular and well known mobile prepaid & postpaid telecommunication service providers in India, and every Indian is using any of the company sim card in his/her mobile phone.

If you are on this page it means you are one of those users who are activated the caller tunes on monthly charges or activated the hello tune by mistake and now want to stop caller tunes of mobile then you are on the right page as here on this page I am going to tell you the maximum ways to available to stop any caller tune and will describe in detail that how can you stop or stop caller tunes of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea (Vi), BSNL and so on. If you really made your mind to deactivate the hello tunes then my this article is surely going to help you.

Almost everyone knows that Caller Tunes are use to make entertain people while someone makes you a call instead of boring “Tring Tring” but several people are not interested in it. These caller tunes are paid and an standard charges are Rs. 30-35 per month and that’s the reason sometime people activate the caller tunes by mistake or few companies activate the caller tunes on consumer number without informing them and deduct the charges accordingly.

If you are also facing any kind of problem with caller tune and want to deactivate it immediately for any reason then send a simple sms to your service provider the deactivation sms code are mentioned accordingly infront of the service provider. So, here we go to check the steps to stop or deactivate caller tunes from your mobiles.

Here are the steps to stop / deactivate mobile phone caller tunes

I am not going to tell you how to type message and how to send SMS as everyone in today’s tech savvy world know about it so just sharing the sms number and format with you. So that, you can understand the thing in very short and in detail.

how to deactivate caller tunes

How to Stop/Deactivate Jio Caller Tunes in 2021

There are few people who knows that Jio also offer free caller tunes to their consumers, if you are using either paid or free caller tune of jio and still want to deactivate it then you can do it via 3 ways

  1. SMS
  2. Jio App
  3. IVRS

May be you are thinking what is the SMS to stop jio caller tune then everything is below for your help;

    • 1.SMS: 56789
      • Type “Stop” in the text box and send it to 56789 and follow the process to deactivate your JioTunes subscription.
      • JioTunes will be deactivated and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile.
    • 2.SMS: 155223
      • SMS Stop to 155223 and select the option to deactivate the service subscription or Tone subscription.
      • JioTunes will be deactivated and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile.
    • 3.Using MyJio:
      • Open MyJio app.
      • Select ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu.
      • In My Subscriptions page, tap on ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at bottom of the screen to deactivate the JioTunes and tap on ‘Yes’ on the deactivation confirmation page.
      • You will get a confirmation pop-up once your request is submitted successfully.
    • 4.IVR:
      • Dial 155223 from your JioMobile and follow the IVR to select the option to deactivate the JioTunes service.
      • JioTunes will be deactivated and you will receive deactivation confirmation SMS on your mobile.

How to Stop/Deactivate Airtel Caller Tunes 

The largest consumer of airtel in India and many users of airtel also wants to deactivate their caller tunes and you can easily do it by following below said methods.

By Sms

  • Simply type “CT STOP” in message box and send it to 23123 (Toll-free) which is the airtel caller tune deactivate number.
  • Soon you will receive the confirmation message that you caller tune is deactivated.

Note: It may be chargeable


  • Dial 543211808 toll-free number from your Airtel number
  • Listen to the IVR voice and follow the instructions given on phone.
  • Get the caller tune to disable confirmation messages.

By USSD Code

  • Dial the USSD code *121*5# from your airtel number.
  • A popup message will appear on your screen.
  • If the caller tune services are present on no-1 position, then reply one otherwise reply with the number of its position.
  • You will receive a confirmation message to remove your caller tune.

By Wynk Music app

May be you have not expected about it well you can also do it by using Airtel Wynk Music.

  • Install and open the Airtel Wynk Music App.
  • Select the language and register with your Airtel number.
  • Click on the three lines on the top left of your screen to choose Hellotunes option.
  • Click on the Hello tunes link.
  • You will be able to see the activated caller tune song and its validity. Click on the three dots to deactivate or stop the caller tune.
  • Once you click on Stop Hellotune link, you will see two options change Hello Tune and Stop Hellotune. You have to click on Stop Hello Tune as you are reading the article for the same.

By Airtel Customer Care

Simply dial the 121 or 198 airtel customer care number and ask them to deactivate the caller tune and they will ask you few questions and then will stop your callertunes and it may be possible that you hear an IVR voice and follow the instructions to stop airtel caller tune.

How to Deactivate Vodafone or Idea (Vi) caller tunes

As we all know that Vodafone and Idea merge earlier and if you are the consumer of Vodafone or Idea and want to STOP Vi caller tunes then follow the below said process;

Type “STOP” in message box and send it to 155223 (toll free)

How to Deactivate BSNL Caller Tunes

Send an SMS to BSNL number with the text ‘BT DCT‘ to deactivate the hello tunes service.

SMS Code & Steps to Deactivate Telenor Caller Tunes

Send an SMS by typing ‘STOP‘ (without quotes) to 56789

Unfortunately, Telenor hasn’t provided any SMS codes to cancel the caller tune. However you can deactivate the caller tune via calling on customer care @ 121 which is toll free number.

SMS Code & Steps to Deactivate Aircel Caller Tunes

  • You can deactivate caller tune via calling on “53000
  • Send an SMS by typing ‘DT DACT‘ (without quotes) to 53000

SMS Code & Steps to Deactivate Tata Docomo Caller Tunes

Send an SMS by typing ‘STOP‘ (without quotes) to 543211

Well I have try our level best to enlist all company sms code and deactivation process for every telecommunication company however missed any just let me know via below box and if you found any incorrect number or changes in number just drop it in comment section.

General FAQ

Q.1. How can I deactivate my airtel caller tune?

Ans. The process to deactivate caller tune is pretty easy you just have to send a simple sms to 543211 by typing “STOP” or can call the toll free number of Air tell here 543211808 for deactivation of caller tune.

Q.2. How can I deactivate my vodafone caller tune?

Ans. Send a simple SMS at 144 by typing CAN CT that’s it you are done.

Q.3. How much time it will take to deactivate the caller tune?

Ans. It should be deactivate instantly in some cases it takes around 24 working hours.