Gas Geyser Vs Solar Geyser Which One is Best?

Solar Geyser Vs Gas GeyserThese days, a lot of homeowners are having problems with the higher electricity bill every month. This is such an undeniable thing all over the world. One reason for this is the fact that people are using electrical power from time to time. Well, there is no one to blame since the world today seems like being operated with electricity, and this is all because of the great innovations happening these days.

Even when it comes to water heating, homeowners make use of electrical power that can then lead to higher electricity bills. This is actually the main reason why a number of homeowners today are staying away from electric geysers. Yes, you read it right. They are doing this in order to stop the excessive consumption of electricity. Instead of electric geysers, they choose gas geyser and solar geyser. The big question is, which one of these two alternatives that can be considered the best?

Gas Geyser

Some studies reveal that 40% of the electric bill of many homeowners comes from their electricity consumption when using electric water heating system. The good news is, it can now be cut down through the help of a gas geyser. The only problem with gas geyser is the regulated price of gas, which is extremely necessary in running the gas geyser you have at home.

When compared to electric geyser, making use of a gas geyser will give you minimal electricity consumption. It is simply because you only need gas for it to function well. As long as there is enough supply of gas, then there is no way your home cannot have hot water any time you need it. What is even the best about this option is you will only pay for affordable installation.

Solar Geyser

As its name suggests, solar geyser can be operated without the use of electricity. It only needs solar power from the sun and from the environment. Obviously, if the weather is not that good outside, then it is expected that the solar geyser will not reach its full and maximum functionality. This is why it is ideal if you have a back for this. This is actually where gas geyser comes into play.

In other words, solar geyser and gas geyser can be good together. They can work well towards the same goal of giving you enough supply of hot water at home, while reducing your expected electricity bill every single month. When it comes to the installation process of a solar geyser, it will usually take 3 up to 8 hours. Even so, it will all depend on the complexity of the entire solar geyser installation process.

Thus, which one is the best to use, a solar geyser or a gas geyser? Well, all of these are energy-efficient enough when installed at home. They are also both capable of giving you enough supply of hot water. Nonetheless, it is very practical for you to make use of both of them. If the solar geyser is not working well due to the bad weather, then gas geyser is to the rescue.