How to choose best stainless steel pressure cooker in India?

Pressure cooker is one of the essential thing in any kitchen and we all want a long lasting, durable and easy to use pressure cooker usually there are 3 types of pressure cookers in the trend which are stainless steel pressure cooker, aluminium pressure cooker and hard anodized pressure cookers.

The work, use and sturdiness of pressure cooker is different and when it comes for a common man which one they should buy then we recommend stainless steel pressure cooker for newbie or pro as well as stainless steel cooker lasts long and easy to use and one can easily use for multipurpose.

Well the thing is clear that we should go for stainless steel pressure cooker but which pressure cooker is best for me should I go with shopkeepers recommendation? or should I buy, well penalty of options are available online and here on this post I am going to share you what are the important things which you should keep in mind before buying any stainless steel pressure cooker either you buy it online or offline these guide may surely help you. So, here we go with how to choose best stainless steel pressure cooker.


The first and important thing before buying any pressure cooker is what size of pressure cooker you need. If you are individual who is out from his due to study or job then small pressure cooker is perfect for you 1.5 ltr however if you are living with small family of 3-4 people then you should go for at-least 3 liter of pressure cooker if you have larger family then it then go for 5 liter to 7 liter of pressure cooker.

So, just go for the large size or small size pressure cooker on anyone recommendation choose it as per your need the size of pressure cooker is depends on the number of member.


Once you selected the size of a pressure cooker then the next is how is the durability of that pressure cooker. Is it strong enough for such life time.

You must confirm from the shopkeeper either it’s made of completely stainless steel or used any other material as well such as hard anodized etc. As the shining of stainless steel cooker stay for a long period. If you are planing to buy it via the online then must check the product description for the same.


Well it’s pretty easy to understand the durablity of pressure cooker via it’s warranty card most of the branded pressure cooker comes with 5 years of warranty period on the other hand some pressure cooker comes with 2 year, 3 year warranty so don’t go with such pressure cookers.

Try to get pressure cooker which have maximum years of warranty, If there is no such mentioned about the warranty period on a cooker online or offline then avoid such product completely.  As long as warranty period is you can expect the good quality of cooker as well and it will lasts for long.

Safety Feature

The most important thing to check while buying a pressure cooker is it’s safety feature. If you neglect it and not a regular user of cooker then it can harm you as most of the cases happens due to non-satisfied safety features so make sure about the safety valves and about safety features.

Induction compatible

If you have induction gas stove then make sure your cooker also compatible with it as most of pressure cooker are not compatible with induction.


Well, if you are not sure about the shopkeepers recommendation and want to go online for the a pressure cooker then must check the reviews of the product as the consumer reviews always helpful to buy product compare both pros and cons of reviews and evaluating go for the right pressure cooker for you.

I am sure this guide how to choose best stainless steel pressure cooker online in India is helpful for you, and now you are able to choose the best one for you. You can also share your suggestion via comment section.