List of Indian Players (Athletes) Who Qualified for Athletics in Rio Olympics 2016

Several people in Indian wants to know how many players (Athletes) qualified for Rio Olympics 2016 summer games in Athletics which will be starts from 5th of August 2016. If you are one of those who is interested to see the name list of players who qualified for Rio Olympics 2016 can get the complete list here “Complete List of Indian Players Who Qualified for Rio Olympics 2016”.

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Now without anymore delay let’s move to List of Indian male and female athletes who qualified for Athletics in Rio Olympics 2016.

India’s Athletics Players in Rio Olympics 2016


Men Track & Field Event Name List in Athletics

Dharambir Singh – 200 m event
Muhammad Anas – 400 m event
Jinson Johnson – 800 m event

4 × 400 M Relay Event
R Mohan Kumar
Ayyasamy Dharun
Mohammed Kunhi
Arokia Rajiv
Sumit Kumar
Muhammad Anas

Marathon Event
Thonakal Gopi
Kheta Ram
Nitender Singh Rawat

20 km Walk Event
Baljinder Singh
Gurmeet Singh
Irfan Kolothum Thodi

50 km walk
Sandeep Kumar
Manish Singh

Ankit Sharma – Long jump event
Renjith Maheshwary – Triple jump event
Inderjeet Singh – Shot put event
Vikas Gowda – Discus throw event

Women’s Track & Field Event Name List in Athletics

Dutee Chand  – 100 m event
Srabani Nanda – 200 m event
Nirmala Sheoran – 400 m event
Tintu Luka – 800 m event

3000 m steeplechase
Lalita Babar
Sudha Singh

4 × 400 m relay event
Jisna Mathews
M. R. Poovamma
Anilda Thomas
Debashree Majumdar
Ashwini Akkunji
Nirmala Sheoran

Marathon Event
O. P. Jaisha
Kavita Raut
Sudha Singh

20 km walk event
Khushbir Kaur
Sapna Punia

Manpreet Kaur – Shot put event
Seema Antil – Discus throw event

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