Rs. 150 ATM / Bank Transaction Charges after 4 Free Transaction in 2017

ATM Withdrawal Charges/ Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Charges of ICICI, HDFC, Axis & SBI Bank

ATM Transaction ChargesThe three powerful private sector banks in India known as the ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank has released new policy for the deposit and withdrawal of money from the bank, SBI also launched new policies for persisting customers. Customers associated with the bank are confused as exact information about the bank policy as there are differences in the charge rate and the number of transaction for each of the month, in the article we will discuss mainly the decision and the possible charges that you need to pay as part of transaction fees for the withdrawal and deposit of the money in the bank. The charges are applicable for the withdrawal from the bank only, the rules and regulation for the ATM based transaction will remain.

Axis Bank Customers

  • The customers associated with the Axis bank will be allowed total five free transactions for each of the months starting from 1st March 2017 Wednesday. From the sixth transaction onward, the Axis Bank will charge a minimum fee of INR 95 per transaction for each of the customers.
  • As per the new rule, non-home branch transactions upto five for each customer will be free, the maximum deposit limit for each of the day will be INR 50,000. For the sixth transaction, each of the deposit will be charged at INR 2.50 per 1,000 or INR 95 per transaction.

HDFC Bank Customers

  • The limit of free transactions for the HDFC Customers will be first four transactions for each of the month, post the limit a sum of INR 150 will be charged as transaction fees for deposit and withdrawal of money from the bank.
  • The new charges would be applicable for the saving and salary accounts of the customer.
  • For the home branches, HDFC Bank will allow deposit and withdrawal of INR 2 lakhs as part of the daily limit for the first four transactions. Beyond the limit, INR 5 or INR 150 will be charged (whatever amount will be higher).

ICICI Bank Customers

  • For ICICI Bank customers the limits for each month transactions are 4 at any home city branch. Passing the limit transaction INR 5 will be charged thereafter with minimum charge fees INR 150.
  • Third Party limit for each of the day is fixed for INR 50,000.
  • For First cash transaction of the calendar date, there will be no charge for the non-home branch, INR 5 or minimum INR 150 will be applicable for transactions thereafter.
  • Anywhere cash deposit will charge INR 5 per thousand or minimum INR 1750, cash deposit money offers free first cash deposit of the month and INR 5 per thousand after the limit.

SBI Bank Customers

  • Three Transactions for each of the month will be free and beyond three transactions INR 50 plus service tax will be charged for each of transactions.
  • Exceeding permissible number of ATM Transactions, SBI will charge INR 20 plus service tax per transaction.
  • SBI Customers needs to maintain INR 5,000 balance in account, shortage to meet the balance will attract charges INR 50 for 50% shortfall, 50-75% shortfall INR 75 and INR 100 for 75% and more.