Short Essay on Raksha Bandhan For Students

India is land of festivals/culture/ traditions. Each and every day we celebrate some or other festival. Remembering the childhood, imagine you are the only daughter and after some years a baby boy born in the family, yes your brother.

After some ages, you people fight, quarrel, complain about each to the parents etc. There are many unending stories. Besides this, there is always a hidden love between the brother and sister.

Every year, we celebrate Raksha Bandhan is celebrated at the time of Sravana. This festival is celebrated all over India basically;   in this festival the sister ties Rakhi to a brother: Where the brother promises to safeguard his sister and sister wishes long life for his brother.

Purest of any relation or bond is family. We don’t need any proof/ validation to define the things.

Brother and sister relationship is just like Tom & Jerry. They fight but stand like a pillar for each other.

Rakhi tied on brother’s hand is the epitome of love.  It is not that you will only tie Rakhi to your biological brothers but you can tie Rakhi to your friends.

Some girls tie Rakhi to GOD, who is not blessed with brother but a little sister do tie Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan is all about the faith in your siblings.


No matter how far you are from your brother, distance never matters, what matter is the belief and love you have for your brother/ sibling, then every day is Raksha Bandhan.

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