List of Small Kitchen Appliances In India

There are many small kitchen appliances that you can buy to make the job easy for yourself. When you go out for gadget shopping, it is worth considering some of these appliances according to your need.

List of Small Appliances In India

You can check out the various options in the list to understand the latest offerings in the market.

Bread Makers – Buying the bread from the bakery doesn’t sound as delicious as baking your bread. The bread makers can help you a great deal while experimenting with flavours and ingredients. They are compact & easy to use.

Cotton Candy Makers – A perfect snack for the kid’s party is cotton candy. You don’t have to go to the supermarkets to buy cotton candy if you have the cotton candy maker at your home. You can now make fluffy cotton candy for your little one at home.

Deep Fat Fryers – Ever wondered what the secret of perfect French fries is? It is the deep fat fryer. You can use them for many other things, and they should be there in your kitchen. You can make different dishes with the help of a deep fat fryer.

Digital Kitchen Scales – Making a perfect dish is also about having the correct ratio of ingredients. Nothing can help you more than a digital kitchen scale in getting the precise measurement of the ingredients.

Electric Kettles – Electric kettles are not just meant for bedrooms, but they are a great help in the kitchen for heating the water instantly. You can use the electric kettles to make instant noodles, coffee & tea too.

Electric vegetable chopper – With a tight working schedule, no one has time to chop the vegetables manually. The electric vegetable choppers prove to be quite handy because of their high speed chopping capabilities.

Food Processors – If you need more than just a chopper or a blender, then you can also invest in a fully-loaded food processor that will offer you the agility to do almost anything that needs to be done manually.

Hand Blenders – Hand blenders are great space savers. You can use them for preparing milkshakes, smoothies, purees and even soup. Get one for yourself to understand the benefits associated with the hand blender.

Hand Juicer – You can consider portable ones instead of bulky juicers and mixers. These are often referred to as hand juicers, and they offer a tremendous amount of utility.

Stand and Hand Mixer – Stand Mixer and Hand mixer are generally use for baking cakes and other kitchen cooking work.

Hot Water Boilers & Dispensers – If you often need boiling water to sanitise the utensils or anything else, it is also worth buying a hot water boiler & dispenser. This can make the job easy for you while conserving the electricity.

Induction Cooktop – We are sure that induction cooktop doesn’t need any additional introduction, and you can barely imagine a kitchen without an induction cooktop.

Juicers – Juicers are available in various sizes and shapes. You can check out the citrus juicers or the cold press juicer, and we are sure that you will love a healthy breakfast after that.

Manual Vegetable Chopper – Electric vegetable choppers are quick but expensive. A cheap alternative would be a manual vegetable chopper that gives you immediate results too.

Grinders – Mixer grinder and wet grinder are some of the most traditional equipment available in the market. You can check out one of those, and you can see what the innovative designs available in the market are.

Oven Toaster Grills – OTGs are required for baking cakes, pizza and a lot of other things. We can’t imagine a kitchen without an OTG, so why not buy one according to the size of the kitchen or family.

Pasta Cooker – Having a pasta cooker will ensure that you get perfectly cooked pasta every time. Moreover, this will not block your induction cooktop when you need to boil pasta.

Pasta Machines – Buying pasta from the market is overrated, but the new fad makes fresh pasta in your kitchen. With a Pasta machine, you can experiment with different types of pasta and ingredients to create something unique.

Pop UP Toaster – A perfect breakfast involves crispy toasts, and you can’t get those toasts without a pop-up toaster. So why not upgrade the one and enjoy your morning breakfast with juice.

Popcorn Makers – Instant popcorns are overrated, and they are expensive. Why not get a popcorn maker that will help you save money and try new flavours of popcorn.

Rice Cooker – Steamed rice is one of the most important main course dishes, and you can buy a rice cooker to get perfectly steamed rice every time. You can also use the rice cooker for preparing dhokla, idly and moist cake.

Roti Makers – Desi families, need roti instead of the bread, and bachelors can’t just deal with making roti themselves. The best bet is to buy a roti maker, and the advantage is that you can even make a tortilla with the help of the roti maker.

Sandwich Makers – Sandwich makers or Panini makers is yet another must have thing in your kitchen. Go ahead and get one to try different snacks and sandwiches.

Slow Cookers – Slow cooked rice or slow-cooked meals are great, and you can prepare these with the help of slow cookers. They are specially designed for such dishes.

Soup Kettles & Makers – Like an electric kettle, you can also buy the soup kettles and makers. They blend the ingredient while heating them. You have multiple options while preparing the soup, and it is worth buying one.

Tandoors & Grills – Tandoor and grills are great for grilling and baking the stuff. You have endless possibilities if you have a tandoor or a grill in your kitchen.

Tea Maker Machine – Tea makers or coffee makers are great, and they offer you a perfect tea every time you need it. The brew is very aromatic.

Vacuum Sealers – The vacuum package saves the food from getting spoiled, increasing the shelf life of the food. You can invest in a vacuum sealer and preserve the food easily.

Yoghurt Makers – The perfect curd is not a myth. A curd maker can help you with it. Many refrigerators now have a yoghurt maker integrated into them, but you can also get a stand-alone yoghurt maker. You can also add culture to get a perfect curd.

Egg Boilers: Now most of the boil egg lovers to save their time use the egg boiler or egg cooker. It can boil egg in very short time.