3 Best Okhli Sets in India

Nowadays, we only come across only mixer grinders for grinding or making fine paste or powder of certain ingredients. But in the earlier days in India, Mortar and Pestles were in use. There are many uses and benefits of using a Mortar and Pestle when compared to the mixer grinders available. A mortar is like a cup or a bowl, and a pestle is a long club and helps to mash or smash the ingredients in the Mortar. Earlier, Mortar and Pestles were used mostly for making ayurvedic medicines. They use them to smash and grind natural ingredients like leaves, flowers, and roots for making medicines from them. But later, they started using them for making spice powders and pastes. You will have to do a little extra work, but the chutney, pastes, and powders made in the Mortar and Pestles are very tasty and healthy as well. The heat produced in the mixer grinder will reduce the nutritional value of the food you put in it. But with a mortar and Pestle will not have that problem.

You will be able to enjoy many other benefits with the help of Mortar and Pestles like you can use it as per your wish. Usually, with mixer grinders, the ingredients turn into a fine paste, which may not be required for the dish that you are making. They are made using many different kinds of material and hence you can choose the one that suits your requirements. You can find them made of granite, metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and wood as well. The weight of the Mortar and Pestle should also be considered. The Pestle’s weight should be good enough that it can help in smashing well, but it should not be too heavy to hold for a long time.

But when you start looking for normal and extra large Mortar and Pestle sets in India, you can find a wide range of options in the present market. It is a good thing that you can find so many options, but when it comes to choosing one Mortar and Pestle from so many options can be a tough task. If you are very confused and unable to make sure, then here is a list of the ten best Mortar and Pestle sets in India. You can now pick one good product from this simple list.

Best Buy Mortar Pestle Sets Online In India

Have a look at some of the best selling Mortar and Pestle sets in India: 

1. B E Craft Mortar and Pestle Set

Mortar and Pestle Set

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The first product on this list is B E Craft Mortar and Pestle Set. This Mortar and Pestle Set is very useful in your kitchen to make spice or masala paste or crush ingredients. Green Marble Granite is used in the making of this Mortar. The diameter of the Mortar is four inches, and the height is 2.5 inches. It is a very simple set, but very useful in the kitchen. You will be able to make more tasty and delicious chutney and other things with this Mortar and Pestle Set.

Pros Cons
It can be used for grinding or crushing your kitchen ingredients. The size of the Mortar is too small.
Green Marble Granite is used in its making.  
The diameter of the Mortar is 4 inches, and the height is 2.5 inches.  

2. Gr8 INDIA Green Marble Spice Mixer Set

Spice Mixer

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The next option that you can consider for your kitchen is Gr8 INDIA Green Marble Spice Mixer Set. If you are looking for some of the best Mortar and Pestle sets in India, you should surely check out this product. The set is made using Green Marble Granite. The diameter of the Mortar is 5 inches, and the height is 2.5 inches. The length of the Pestle is four inches. You can easily crush ingredients with this mortar and pestle set. It does not absorb any liquids or ingredients that you are crushing in it. It is a dishwasher safe product.

Pros Cons
This mortar and pestle set is made using Green Marble Granite. The cavity for crushing the ingredients is too small.
The diameter of the Mortar is five inches.  
The height of the Mortar is 2.5 inches, while the length of the Pestle is four inches.  
It is a dishwasher safe product.  

3. NatureLoC Stone Mortar and Pestle Single Set 

Mortar and Pestle

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If you are looking for those traditional-style mortar and pestle sets in India, you should check out NatureLoC Stone Mortar and Pestle Single Set. It is made using strong and solid stone. The stone is of high-quality and hence you need not have to worry. It will help in grinding and crushing herbs, spices, and other ingredients very easily. The stone will not break when used correctly. The set’s weight is just two kilograms, so it is not too heavy for you to lift and move.

Pros Cons
It is made using strong and high-quality stone. The Pestle is not properly made.
It is a traditional model Mortar and Pestle Set.  
It is not too heavy to lift.  
It can be used for crushing any kind of ingredient.  

How To Choose The Best Mortar and Pestle Set?

Despite the simpler design and easy to choose the option, the variety can make it difficult to find an adequate mortar and pestle. A buyer can look for a different material for manufacturing while buying a pestle. To minimize the search part, here is a quick mortar and pestle set buying guide which can assist you during the purchase time. Have a look –

1. Granite and Marble – Among all the types, Granite and Marble are the widely preferred option due to their nonporous texture, higher durability and hard base. While using granite and marble mortar and pestle, you can find ease while using due to the higher mass density, and you also get easy clean functionality. Lesser texture in the inner surface as it is almost smooth, you can collect spices effectively and doesn’t lose much. Marble and Granite are also better in terms of having no crevices or cracks.

2. Molcajetes – The Mexican style mortar and pestle are easy to trace as if you look back in time in Mexico. Molcajetes was the finest material of choice in the old era, and it is still one of the best for many tasks. The use of a cast-iron skillet helps in enhancing the durability and you also need a little bit of maintenance. If you want a vintage-looking mortar and pestle in your kitchen, then Molcajetes is a perfect choice.

3. Metal – From crushing coriander seeds to cardamon, mortar and pestle made of metal are always better to prefer. Crushing spices is easier, and you can expect effective results. Even though you can’t attain the powder form from many spices, metal is one of the adequate options. There are plenty of metal options, and stainless steel is the perfect one to get the best of both worlds.

4. Ceramic and Stoneware – Needless to mention that ceramic is a fragile material, but the increased density help in creating sturdy mortar and pestles. Ceramic is loved for the smooth texture and great shine, the inner surface of the mortar made of ceramic is likely to be textured. Grinding spices and herbs using the stoneware pestle help in getting impressive results.

5. Wood and Iron – Wooden and Cast iron mortar and pestle are easily the perfect ones to choose from for a wide range of tasks. You can find these options if you want to perfectly crush the herbs. The porous texture of the material also varies, and it is completely based on the type of wood. If you want to crush oily ingredients and want to get rid of extra moisture in the process, wood seems like the perfect choice.

Other Important Aspects

After finalizing the material, there are some side aspects that you should be taking into consideration for a perfect purchase. These aspects are –

  • Manufacturer –Choose a well-known and reputed manufacturer to ensure that you are buying a quality made mortar and pestle. There is little research is required to know about the manufacturer and its credibility factor.
  • Size – The size or volume of a mortar depends upon your need. If you are cooking a meal for a few people like three to five, a regular size mortar and pestle will work perfectly. If you want higher capacity, you can look for a larger size.
  • Weight – If the mortar is large and extremely heavy, it might be typical to use and store. So, always check the overall weight of a mortar. In a common household kitchen, a regular size usually serves the perfect need.
  • Type of Use – For a certain type of use, you can choose a specific material during the purchase of mortar and pestle. There are mainly five options, and it will be easy to compare each one based on your requirement.
  • Check Feedback – By looking at a few of the feedback from previous buyers on an e-commerce portal, you can learn about the build quality and durability of mortar and pestle.

Comparing all the aspects and understanding the requirement will help in finding the perfect mortar and pestle for your kitchen. Make sure that you don’t choose a cheap mortar and pestle because a cheap one usually suffers from durability issues.

Bottom Line

So, this was our list of ten best Mortar and Pestle sets. You can go through this list and then decide which is the best one. Simply check all the details of the Mortar and Pestle sets mentioned here, and then you can make your choice easily. The mortar and pestle sets’ material and price are two important factors that you need to consider before making your choice. They are also available in different sizes, making it simple for you to get one according to your requirements.