Temple Run Game in Real Life Excited to Watch Video?

In today’s tech savvy world everyone has android smart phone and most of the users have played the most famous game “Temple Run” If you buy new phone you will find “Temple Run” game pre installed in if not don’t worry you can download it from Google Play Store.

In below video you can see real life version of Temple Run Game. As in the game animated guys run, but in this video which is made by Actor/Director/VFD “Raghav Anil Kumar” Camera Guys Satish SC, Chandan N. In this video these guys made some changes and instead of Animated guy a real guy running and an animated Dragon is following him.

Let see what’s going to happened at the end in “Temple Run” Game in Real Life and must share it with your friends on social networking sites.

Temple Run Blazing Sanda in Real Life

 Temple Run 2 in Real Life