Top 10 Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India

Air conditioners have become a commodity of comfort rather than an item of luxury these days, with the scorching hot and humid weather in many regions of India. Buyers look for buying such brands which provide effective cooling along with consumption of minimum power, so that electricity bills do not shoot up.

Here 10 leading air conditioner brands in India 2015:

10.Blue Star

Blue Star is an Indian AC brand, which has become a best seller internationally with stores and service centers in countries like US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia. These air conditioners are priced between Rs 22000 and Rs 105000.


Next on the list of top 10 AC brands in India 2015 is the leading Chinese brand Haier, a brand well regarded for its durability, latest technology and economy as far as price and power consumption are concerned. These ACs fall in the price range of Rs 18000-45000.


Videocon is a brand in air conditioners, which is highly acclaimed for its latest features which come with low power consumption and excellent after sale services, making it a trusted name in the country. The price starts at Rs 14000 and goes up to Rs 68000, making it within the reach of a common man.


Featuring next on the list of top 10 leading air conditioner brands in India in 2015 is Daikin, which is amongst the oldest AC brands in the world, starting its journey way back in 1924. High quality coupled with affordability is what this brand is known for. Prices fall between Rs 18000 and Rs 50000.


The Japanese company Hitachi has established its foothold in the AC market of India, with its excellent products, which boast of great quality, low power consumption and use of latest technology. The eco friendly air conditioners of this brand are priced between Rs 25000 and Rs 68000.

5.O General

Another trusted brand of air conditioners in India in 2015 is O General, which has made a worthy reputation of giving excellent cooling with low electricity consumption. This is a Middle East brand which has been accredited with 5 stars I terms of electricity efficiency. The price range of these ACs falls between Rs 25000 and Rs 60000.


Whirlpool is a market leader among air conditioning brands in the country, thanks to its power packed performance credited to the turbo cooling feature. Additionally, this brand is known for its power saving capacity and economical price range, which comes between Rs 25000 and Rs 60000.


Another well known AC brand in India in 2015 is Samsung, which has won over the trust of millions because of its outstanding features and amazing energy efficiency, besides making air conditioning in reach of the middle class segment of the country. It has an affordable price range of Rs 18000-50000.


LG, the South Korean leader, comes next among the top 10 most reputed brands of air conditioners in India. World class features, economical range and excellent services render LG a place in this list. Price range falls between Rs 20000 and Rs 78000.


Voltas is considered as one of the best AC brands in India, which has reached the pinnacle of popularity on account of its high performance and reliability, which have made it a big global name. The price of Voltas ACs ranges between Rs 26000 and Rs 40000.

In case you are planning to buy an air conditioner, window or split, this summer, then you can trust one of these leading brand names, which have established a reputed for themselves in the Indian market today.

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