Top 5 Most Popular Water Purifier Brands In India

Water purifiers ensure that the water you drink is safe and clean. The water purifiers in India are available with several purification processes, such as the filter system and RO purification technologies. Everything in our day is polluted from air to water. Therefore, we are thankful for such an innovative appliance that keeps us healthy by providing clean, purified water. Now let’s see some of the 5 popular water purifier brands available in India.

Kent water purifier

Kent is India’s most popular and reliable water purifier brand. The brand produces innovative products that benefit Indian customers. The purifier’s tank capacity is 8 liters and also comes with the water level indicator. Kent is an important brand as it introduced the RO purification technology and TDS control feature in the Indian market. This appliance is suitable for Indian water conditions so it can purify municipality water as well as groundwater effortlessly. Other notable features of the appliance are ABS plastic build and high storage capacity.

Havells water purifier

Havells is a trustworthy brand in India that supplies 100% purified water. The UV purification and RO technology are the two great features of the purifier. It not only purifies the water but also helps in restoring the lost minerals and also revitalizes the water molecules. The Havells water purifier is also very attractive as there are many purifier designs and models available.

LG puricare

LG is a superior brand in India that produces all durable consumer items. LG has a variety of water purifier models with excellent features. The machine is sterilized that ensures you purified hygienic water. The mineral booster technology is the highlight of the purifier. Instead of plastic, a strong stainless steel tank is available in the appliance. The purifier comes with the 5 stage RO purification. Ultraviolet rays help in cleaning and purifying the water.

Eureka Forbes aqua sure

Eureka Forbes is a reputed brand in India that manufactures great quality appliances. The purifier comes with the six-stage purification technology that provides 100% pure and tasty water. The purifier is developed in a way to clean any water, such as bore, well, and tank. The purifier pre-filters the large impurities and then starts its 6 stage filtering process. With the dirt in the water, it also eliminates the chemical contents and bad odor. The taste enhancer technology is the first-ever advanced technology introduced by the brand.

Blue star Majesto water purifier

Blue star Majesto is a very well-known brand in India that produces innovative consumer durable items. The filter of the purifier is made up of carbon, which absorbs any dirt and provides clean and freshwater. The UV lamp technology destroys viruses and bacteria and also other microorganisms. The purifier is safe to use as there is the child lock technology that enables in saving water. The aerodynamic design of the purifier makes it easy to fit in a conventional mounted wall way or on the countertop.

The above mentioned are the most popular water purifier brands in India that come with excellent features. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a water purifier, you can choose any one of the above brands.