Top ITI Courses to Lead Success After 10th Standard

In recent years with bloom in graduates and post graduates the demand and supply for jobs around the nation has seen a great crises, it is not important to be a doctor and engineer as the reputed course or job any more. ITI technical courses as part of diploma of 2 years offer great job opportunity in vocational sector and there are more than 50 courses in the list to follow after passing 10th Standard.

Most of the students and parents think of ITI courses as the lower most skilled courses to be opted only when there in no other scope, the orthodox thinking has changed in recent years and student with interest in vocational courses are enrolling in these courses in many numbers for last couple of years. Here we will suggest the top available courses in the list for you, you can surely opt these courses with great career opportunity.

best iti courses after 10

Tool and Die Maker

Tool and Die maker has its branches linked to the most advanced level of Engineering called as the mechanical engineering, the course is all about choosing and mixing correct portion of de and tool in order to get perfect knowledge and also offers vast knowledge how to use them. The course is comprises of 1 year time period.

Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker is also the course with Industrial foundry branch and the duration of course is 2 years that leads you to master the art of combining pattern in order to use it for security or confidential purposes. The course is offered in 5 states of India with 90% success rate in finding the right job.


Plumber is no more categorized as the odd worker in modern age as the task of fitting the pipe and channelizing the water network in multi level buildings requires correct skill and art. The course is available in two of the choices as 2 years and 3 years time with areas of offering courses in most of the institutes.

Draughtsman Engineering

The course is somewhere similar in terms of drawing crucial civil engineer work, just like Architecture the Draughtsman Engineering need to craft the mechanical drawings with perfection that needs two years course after passing the 10th standard.


Carpenter job with fancy furniture for the perfect interior look is the need of every household and just like the plumber job, the carpenter’s job to finish and art the woods and furniture nowadays needs perfect knowledge and practical skills. You can opt for the course after 10th standard and you will surely get new wings for job or own business.

Fitter Engineering

Engineering for most of us is the job to deal with bulky and giant machine, so what will happen if these machines not work properly or stop giving efficient result. For the maintaining purpose you need to let the job do for the Fitter in such case. Fitter handles the machines, the course is available as two years course right after class 10th.


Electrician is the top available job available as the ITI courses as the course experienced highest no of students enrolling each year, Electrician Course will help you to master the skills to connect right wires for light not sparkle and the course is for 2 Years.