Types of Sewing Machines and their uses

Sewing machines are classified into two basic categories such as domestic and industrial sewing machines. Here will discuss the two basic types and their subcategories in detail.

Domestic Sewing Machine:

These domestic sewing machines are manufactured using light material like plastic polymers and nylon. Such machines will get heat up after using them continuously. Here will its subcategories:


This type requires human action to get the stitching done, which means pedaling and hence, there is no use of electricity or battery to run them. One of the cheapest machines among other types that don’t require less maintenance at affordable cost is the manual sewing machine.


Sewing machines run using electricity and a single motor. Here will get a designated dial that will allow choosing the length and type of stitches. This is best for beginners and the speed easily controlled using pedals.


This is one of the advanced types, which will allow you to use the 100 built-in stitch types.  Here one can make use of an LED touch screen to select the required features and provided with an automated system for creating buttonholes.

Types by Features:

Certain sewing machines are classified under the category of different features. Let us see them:


This is one more advanced category of best sewing machines in India that favors hand-embroidered work. Here the zigzag function helps people to create embroidery designs and it is special about time-saving abilities.


This type also known as Sergers, to create neat edges on the clothes, this type is used to create overlocked stitches on the hems and seams. This machine has a built-in cutter to cut the edge and create a seam.


This is a machine that combines the various features of stitching along with the buttonholes creation feature.


Here the users can use the two bobbins and two needles provided by the machines and it is known as double-needle sewing machines. This type is used to make decorative stitching of clothes.

Bar Tacking:

This type will provide the durability and strength to the clothes by sewing the corners of the pockets and other areas of the clothes with a series of stitches.

Button Attachment:

This type is used to attach the buttons to the stitched clothes. Such machines used in garment factories.

Lock Stitch:

This is the basic category of the sewing machine where the clothes get stitched by locking the two threads before passing through a hole into the clothes.


This type allows carrying wherever you go and travel with its little unit.

Industrial Sewing Machines (Types):

Flat Bed:

This type is used in industries to stitch flat pieces of clothes.


This type is used to stitch emblems, boots, hats, bags, and gloves.


This type is used to sew cylindrical pieces of clothes like sleeves, cuffs, shoes, and saddles.

Free Arm:

With its detachable flat-bed arm, this type will allow you to stitch the sleeve or pant herms to its fabric around the arm.

Feed-off-the-Arm: With its two to three rows of parallel chain lock stitching rows, it is used for stitching materials such as jeans, inside of knit shirts and T-shirts.