Used Car Buying Guide: You Must Check These Important Things before Buying a Used Car

To have a transport of your own in the present age has become the necessity of life. Whether you buy a new car or the second hand car, the transport provides many benefits but you should make sure that that car works best.

Buying a used car is not always easy. You have to go through many difficulties in the way of buying a second hand car. Not to worry now. I am going to give you some of the tips that help you to ensure a smooth process of buying a used car. There no warranties and guaranties of the vehicles and automobiles, but there are some warning signs that allow you to check the productivity of the car.

You should do a careful evaluation of the car that will help you to steer clear of the hidden problems. You must consider the following tips to avoid any problem after buying an expensive automobile.

Things to Check before buying carCheck the Exterior:

You should have to consider the exterior of the car before buying it. The following exterior things should be in your watch list before conducting any decision.

  • Body Condition: check each body panel and the roof of the car. Look for scratches, dents ad rust that might damage the car in future. Also check for the blistered paint and minor flaws on the outer side of the car. Open and close the doors of each side of the car, if the doors of the cars seems loose on its hinges then the car has seen hard or very long use.
  • Glass: you must consider the glass of the windshield for the cracks. The cracks on the windshield definitely need a costly repair so you should have to check that the windshield is crack free.
  • Lights & lenses:check the headlights and the directional lights of the car and make sure that they are fully intact. Also check for the lenses and the reflectors that are not cracked and fogged with humidity and moisture.
  • Tires: be chary of the car with low mileages and with the brand new tires. Also check that all the four tires of the car are same and have at least 1/6 inch of tread.

Check the Interior:

Inside of the car also matters a lot. Have a detailed overview of the interior as well.

  • Seats: check that all the seats of the car are unworn and also are free from cracks. Also try all the adjustments of the seats and make sure they work properly.
  • Instruments & controls: check all the controls and instruments of the car including the ignition switch, engine, lever and also the sound system and the stereo. Check the engine when it is cold and hot and also check if the stereo and the radio work properly. Also check the brakes and by applying when vehicle steers straight and does not pull to one side.

The other things that you can examine are the dealer’s identity and his license. Make sure that the car dealer must be registered and show you the proof of registration. Also examine the car at night in the bad weather or in rain to check its working and functioning. Bumpers and panels of the cars should not line up. If they are lined up, this means that the car has been hit in a collision.

Also check for the paperwork of the car before buying it. Also examine the safety certificate of the car that should have the date of 36 days including weekends and holidays. If you are thinking that it is hard, then you can visit a private mechanic that cost only $100 for the thorough examination of the used car.