Which chimney is better: 60 cm vs. 90 cm?

Kitchen flues turned out to be an essential appliance in most Indian house households. It allows you to celebrate smoke and harmful dust while absorbing oil particles produced during cooking. We come with an excellent chimney to get rid of all the mess.

The size of the chimney matters the most. It is because it takes a lot of space in the kitchen. You need to think of the measurement of your chimney and kitchen before making a decision.

We will discuss some of the tips and ways. It lets you select the most suitable chimney as per the size.

The size of the chimney will depend on the type of mount. There are two types of chimneys available in the market.

Wall-mounted chimney: It is the chimney where one side should get fixed to the wall. You can place it above the stove adjacent to the wall. It is one of the most commonly-used chimneys.

What size chimney should you buy.

Most kitchen Chimneys are available with a typical size of 90cm and 60cm. The size of the chimney will depend on the size of the kitchen and Stove, consecutively. Be sure that the chimney you want to buy absorbs all the oil particles.

It should come with two types of a chimney.

The suction of the air suction capacity

It is the primary task of the chimney is to absorb the grease, oil particle, and smoke from the air. It gets measured in terms of cubic meters per hour. The size of the chimney should be as per the size of the kitchen. An ideal chimney would be able to purify the air ten times an hour.

It is a simple formula. It is why you will be able to calculate the suction power of the vent, depending on the size of the kitchen. The formula is width by length by the number of times air gets purified each hour.

For instance, the kitchen chimney should come with the dimension of 4 m x 4 m x 2.5 m. The volume of the chimney is 40 cubic meters.

The size of the chimney

As discussed earlier, most kitchen chimneys come with a height of 60cm or 90cm. The chimney size will rely on the size of the chimney. Be sure that the type of chimney you buy is larger than the size of the stove. It makes sure that the chimney absorbs all oil particles correctly.

Choosing a kitchen chimney of the right size is essential for a household. In particular, if you use a stove with two or four burners, you’ll find that the 60cm chimney is enough for you. If you’ve got a stove with three or five burners, you’ll find that the 90cm chimney is enough for you.

It is worth noting that the chimney performs its function only when you buy it, considering the size of the chimney and kitchen. Keep the points in mind when you buy a chimney for the kitchen. We cover a detail guide about best chimney under 20000, please take a look.