5 Best Pop Up Bread Toasters Machines In India [2022]

Bread is one of the most common breakfasts that we enjoy almost once or twice a week. Many people love to have at least one slice of bread per day. In our busy schedules, it is a good breakfast as you will be able to prepare it fast. But there are people who will not be able to take out some time for toasting the bread. In such a situation, bread toasters can be a great choice. A pop up bread toaster is a very useful kitchen appliance and is easily available in India. You just have to place the bread slices in the bread toaster and set the browning levels. Once you are done setting, your bread will be toasted, and the toasted bread will pop up. You can remove the bread from the toaster and enjoy your favorite breakfast without having to do much.

You should always remember that you are picking the best pop up bread toaster for your kitchen. There are several factors that you need to consider, like the number of slots. You will be able to find two-slot and four-slot bread toasters. If you have a large family, then a four-slot toaster is a good choice; else, you can go for a two-slice toaster. There will be a knob for setting the browning levels. You can set the pop up toaster to three or five levels depending on the toaster brand that you are choosing. But there are toasters where you can set to eight different browning levels as well. Check of crumb tray as well. A toaster that you are choosing should be easy to clean. A crumb tray will help in easily removing the crumb and clean the tray. You can easily place it back for next use.

You should always get the best quality pop up toaster whose exterior stays cool when in use. You should also check for the warranty of the product before buying it. There are many other additional features that you need to check before making your choice. If you think this is going to take a lot of your time, then here is the list of the ten best pop up bread toasters available in India. We have considered a lot more features than those listed before preparing the list. So, you can easily make your choice.

Best Buy Pop Up Toaster Machine Online In India

Have a look at some of the best pop up bread toasters in the present Indian market:

1. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

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Kitchen appliances from Bajaj are the best as they have the best quality. Here we have Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster. This is one of the bestselling toasters in India. It is available in White color. It is a two-slice pop up toaster. It comes with six different browning settings, which makes it easy for you to set according to the preference of everyone in the family. It comes with a cancellation feature. It comes with a removable crumb tray, and the cord can be stored beneath the toaster. It comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It is a two-slice pop up toaster.
  • It comes with six different browning settings.
  • There is a cord winder at the base.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It has a mid-stop feature to stop the toaster in the middle.


  • The knob of the toaster is not assembled properly.

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2. Philips Daily Collection 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Pop-up Toaster

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The products from Philips are very popular in India, and you will find a lot of kitchen appliances from this brand. This toaster is available in White color. It is a two-slice toaster and with eight different browning settings. It comes with a bun rack, where you can heat your rolls. The slots are of different sizes so that you can heat rolls of different sizes. It comes with a crumb tray that can be removed for fast cleaning. The pop up toaster has a high lift feature so that you can easily remove the bread after toasting.


  • It is a two-slice toaster.
  • It comes with a cancel button for easy cancellation of toasting.
  • It comes with a removable crumb tray.
  • There are eight different browning options.
  • The toaster comes with a two-year warranty.


  • No cons so far.

3. Morphy Richards 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-Up Toaster


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The next product that you can consider is Morphy Richards 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-Up Toaster. This toaster is also available in White color. It is a two-slice toaster with a high lift feature. This feature makes it easy for you to remove bread slices easily. This toaster comes with seven different browning settings so that you can choose the browning of your choice. The base of the toaster comes with anti-slip feet so that the toaster does not move when in use. The slots are wider so that it fits bread slice of any size. It also has a cancel button for easy cancellation.


  • It comes with an anti-skid design.
  • It is a two-slice bread toaster.
  • It comes with seven different browning settings.
  • The high lift feature of the toaster is very useful.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.


  • The after-sale customer service is bad.

4. Pigeon 2 Slice Auto Pop up Toaster

Auto Pop up Toaster

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The next product on the list is from Pigeon, Pigeon 2 Slice Auto Pop up Toaster. It is the smart way to make breakfast in just a few minutes without doing a lot. This toaster is available in Black and White colors, and you can choose a color of your choice. This is a pop up style toaster and is a two-slice toaster. The body of the toaster is made using plastic, and it remains cool even when you are using it. You can set between six different browning settings. The base has cord storage space, making it easy to store in the kitchen cabinet.


  • It is an auto-pop toaster.
  • It can toaster two bread slices at a time.
  • It comes with cord storage space at the bottom.
  • It has six different browning options.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It stops working after one month of usage.

5. KENT 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

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The products from Kent are long-lasting, and that is the reason Kent products are popular in the market. Here we have KENT – 16031 850-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster. This toaster is available in White color and can toast two slices of bread. You will be able to adjust the toaster to five different browning levels. It also comes with reheat and defrosts options that can be very useful for you. There is a cancel button to stop toasting at any time. The toaster slots are wide, and hence you will be able to place bread of any size. You can remove the crumb tray for easy cleaning.


  • The price of this toaster is very reasonable.
  • It consumes very little power.
  • You can reheat and defrost the bread.
  • You can cancel the toasting process at any time with the help of the stop button.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It has only five browning options.

How To Choose The Best Pop Up Bread Toaster Machine?

There are several brands of bread toasters floating in the market which makes it difficult for you to choose one best among the rest. Here in this article, I will be giving you brief criteria that you should consider in your bread toaster. You should look up for these facilities in your bread toaster. 

1. Toaster type

Pop-up bread toasters are considered more durable than toaster ovens. The different varieties available are two and four-slice toasters. You should look for your desired size, design, and budget you have while choosing a toaster.

Pop up toasters can toast your loaves of bread in a couple of minutes consistently and evenly. This helps you to save a lot of time in busy mornings. Consistent crispiness on toasts is a major requirement which you should consider. 

2. Portability 

Bread toasters are usually more portable than toaster ovens. They are easy to handle and portable. You can sit at any corner of your house and enjoy the toasts of your choice. You need not stand in the kitchen for long hours and prepare toasts. 

3. Slot sizes

Larger slot sizes make it easier for you to toast large slices of bread in less amount of time. if you want to buy a two-slot toaster, it is better that you opt for deeper slots. It will help to toast slices with perfection. This helps you serve and consume the breads in your dining spots. 

4. Browning types

The latest toasters come with inbuilt browning options. You can manually adjust the browning modes according to your preferences. This gives you the ability to adjust the crispiness and desired color on your toasts. Your toaster should be able to consistently brown your toasts multiple times in one go. This will help you to prepare multiple batches of toasts simultaneously. 

5. Adjustable trays

Cleaning trays inside the toaster can be difficult sometimes. You cannot use detergents or brushes efficiently to clean the deepest corners of your toast. So in this case it is recommended that you go for replaceable trays in your toaster. This will make it convenient for you to clean the bread crumbs regularly. Prolonged uncleaned bread toasters can reduce the total life of the toasters and degrade their efficiency. 

6. Defrosting the bread

Hectic mornings usually result in people walking out of their homes without breakfast but, no more. You can electronically thaw your bread in cold mornings before toasting. This is an additional benefit that makes the bread toaster more acceptable to the residents. You can relish the soft bread at snack time or in the evenings. 

7. Rotisserie option

If you are fond of enjoying meat during your evening parties, then a toaster oven can also do this for you. You can toast poultry like turkey and chicken with no extra hassles. Their convection heating option makes it considerable to be used while roasting poultry. 

Pop Up Bread Toaster Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it healthier to eat toasted bread?

Instead of eating raw bread, eating toasted bread has a lot of health benefits. Toasted bread has a lower GI (Glycaemic Index) and fat. People suffering from Diarrhoea should add toasted bread into their diet to treat it. In addition, starch in bread boosts your energy.

2. What is the price of a pop-up toaster?

To quickly make a slice of bread, you can choose a pop-up toaster. Brands like Philips, Usha, and Croma offer varieties of pop-up toasters at different prices. Toasters from the top-notch brand are significantly expensive. Normally the pop-up toaster starts from Rs 1400 which ranges up to 3999.

3. What can I cook in a pop-up toaster?

Apart from slices of bread, you can prepare various dishes into the pop up toaster. Few of them include veggie burgers, cold breakfast pizza, flour tortilla, leftover fried food, Chicken nuggets, Bacon, and various others.


Hope that the above points make it easier for you to buy a reliable bread toaster. You should also look for manual service options attached to your device. You can check the after-sales service of the brand of your choice. Choosing a bread toaster for your kitchen should be your priority. Usually, the bread toasters come with one year warranty or maybe a two-year warranty in some brands. So clearly check the manufacturer’s details on the toaster before operating the device. 

Pop up bread toasters are easily available in India, but the selection of the right bread toaster is going to take a lot of time. But with the help of our list given above, you will not have any problem finding the best product. You just need to have a clear picture of your requirements. Along with the price of the pop up bread toaster, check out all the important features. Compare the features and then make your choice. So now, save time while making breakfast with the help of the best pop up bread toaster. Get one for your kitchen today!!!

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