Top 6 Best Mitti Ki Handi for Cooking Online in India 2022

If you are looking for the best mitti ki handi for cooking different kind of vegetables, dal, chicken or biryani then it’s perfect place for you as here I have enlisted the best clay handi for cooking available online in India.

Well different people use handi for different purpose of cooking as some people looks handi for biryani, while other search for handi for dal, mitti ki handi for vegetables, clay pot for curry chicken etc. well whatever your search this post is complete solution for all of you guys. Earlier it was difficult to find the clay handi near house but in today’s tech savvy world everything is available online and Mitti Ki Handi is  one of them.

You also don’t have to find the potters any more near your home and not every potter can make the handi for cooking. Well you don’t have to do any more research and you can pick any of the below listed clay handi for yourself.

You can’t trust any clay handi for best cooking as not every potter use natural clay to make the handi, some of them use chemicals which smells very badly after cooking and due to this it become very difficult to eat your own cooked food.

So, it would be better to go with the best mitti ki handi online which don’t smell and used the natural clay to make. So, how could you find the best one from penalty of handi’s online.

Don’t worry we have spent our many hours to find the best mitti ki handi for you, in which we see the reviews of the customers and their experience and finally came up with this list for you.

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Craftsman India Online Pottery Earthen Terracotta Handi for Cooking


Before you choose the any Clay Handi must check it’s base which should be little flat because it helps handi to set well on the gas stove properly. The size of the handi is 2L perfect for small family or you can buy it for a trial to test the cooked food in Handi.

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As the terracotta is a bad conductor of heat but the advantage is the amount of heat it conducts is just about perfect to cook food without over heating. Clay being a porous material,allows heat and moisture circulate evenly This helps in cooking vegetables and meat evenly. Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer, tender and fresher.

This clay handi is made and deliver by the Craftsman, it’s hand made product the size and shape of the handi may be slight vary than image. 

This product is seasoned. Seasoning starch may appear Glossy and Slippery on surface. The user experience is really great and made of 100% clay. The craftsman also offering different size of clay pot or mitti ki handi which is also highly recommended by it’s users.

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Organic Clay Crafts Clay Handi for Cooking/Clay Handi/MItti Handi/Curd Pot Medium Size

Organic Clay Crafts offers you clay Handi with lid. The product is made of clay and is brown in colour. The products are fragile and should be handled with care.

Use this clay on regular basis and add natural sweetness in your food. Please make sure you use the wooden spatula while making the food to run this handi for long term in use.

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You can use this clay handi to make all kind of dishes either its veg or non veg. You can also your favorite soup and rice in it and handi will add some natural test in it so it’s must buy product.

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AryanCraft Clay Handi/Clay Dal Handi/Clay Biryani Handi/Mitti Cool Curd Pot/Clay Curd Bowl/Clay Dahi Handi/mitti Handi

The high quality clay pot is offering by the AryanCraft the size of the clay pot is 1000 ml as can be seen in the image. A perfect product to storing food items for a safer and more hygienic lifestyle.

It’s made of 100% Natural clay as the raw material. Clay adds natural sweetness in the dish you make it is perfect for daily use.

Discover whole new levels of elegance and class with this very special piece designed especially for your classy taste. This pick is a succinct testament to the taste for refined ethnic things in life , For those in love with that finery of the old world.

You can keep it in microwave and refrigerator as well. Handle with care as these are fragile products.

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StyleMyWay Clay Flat Bottom 1.25 L Handi with Lid

You can also buy online clay mitti handi online of StyleMyWay as they are offering 100% pure & all natural clay handi and never use any kind of metals, chemicals or toxins etc.

The size of the handi 1.25 litre which is perfect if you wanna try this item. It’s easy to use and clean. Its an sturdy & built so last even with every day use. Microwave Safe. Can be used for Cooking on Direct Flame. Care & use Instructions provided with the product

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Craftsman India online LPG and Microwave Unglazed Clay Handi/Earthen Pot for Cooking (3 L, Black)


This clay pot is also from Craftsman India online and the size of the clay is 3 Ltr, as you can see the color of the handi is black. You can cook rice, dal, khichdi, pongal, curd rice, briyani etc.

It’s a Deep Burned Clay pots which is made using a very old traditional Pottery technique. A Normal red Clay pot is Kilned once, and are not exposed to naked flame. But Deep Burned Pots are kilned two times, for the second time, potters Literally Burn the pots stacked together with wood and Hay at a temperature Nearly 1200 Degree Celsius. This will Make the pots very strong and Durable.

In comparison of red color clay pot or handi the life of this black clay handi is longer. As the Craftsman India online delivers the high quality clay pot so you can trust on this black color handi blindly for long durability. 

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Craftsman India Online Pottery Earthen Handi Pot for Cooking


If you want a large size of clay pot with high quality and durability then this Craftsman India Online red pot is for you as the size of the pot is 4 Ltr and it’s sufficient to make food for the big family.

Craftsman India Online Is a Pioneer whole seller and Retailer in Handicraft products throughout India. The Craftsman India Online have Nearly 200 Skilled Craftsmen associated with us from different Parts of India and they deliver the high quality of clay products to it’s customers.

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Benefits of Cooking in Mitti (Clay) Ki Handi

Well there are plenty of benefits cooking in handi and some of them in my mind at the moment which I am going to share with you, cooking in clay handi will give you all the calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur and several other compunds that our body benefits from clay.

Being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the PH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food.

Using & Care Tips for Clay (Mitti) Handi

  • Before Using: Dip the utensil completely in water for a day & then fill the vessel with rice starch for few hours.
  • Heating Tips: Always cook with low to medium flame.
  • Always Avoid: When the vessel is hot do not pour cold water, let the vessel temperature come to normal then wash.
  • Washing Tips: Always avoid Metallic scrubber rather use Soft sponge.
  • Storage: Allow the vessel to dry completely before storage.
  • Once a week: Fill half the vessel with water, boil for 3 min & then dispose the water to remove oil & stains, this will also strengthen & hygiene the utensil. Get the most value for your money with our Top-Rated New Design Professional Cooking Equipment! Our Professional Kadai is made of professional-grade Clay and is exceptionally durable, double quoted and scratch resistant.

How to Use Earthen Ware (Clay Handi) for First Time

As you have ordered new clay handi online now must read few care instructions which are already shared above and here for the first time use of Mitti ki handi, also follow the instructions mentioned in the packet to use the handi. The said process will work for all the handi listed here in this article.

Dip the handi completely in water for a day & then fill it with rice starch for few hours, after that you can use it  for cooking. It would be better if you add some oil before cooking your food in it, or it may be crack if you directly keep it on gas stove.

FAQ Clay Handi 

Question: Can I keep a clay gas stove for cooking?
Answer:Yes, you can but before that must read the instruction for first time.

Question: Can I used the clay handi on gas stove?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is the capacity of clay handi?
Answer: Well there are multiple size available online from 0.5 ltr to 4 ltr you can choose any of them as per your need and budget.

Question: Can you cook mutton in this handi?
Answer: Yes, but before making mutton in it make sure to add some oil or ghee in it and only then start heating it as otherwise it might crack or break.

Question: Can I use it on electric stove top?
Answer: Big No to electric or  induction gas stove. 

Question: Can it be used for cooking handi chicken or mutton ?

Question: How many kg rice can cook in any clay pot (handi)?
Answer: it depends on what size of clay pot you have ordered.