Cleartrip and Goibibo-a must need transformation for traveling

Just a few years back when the online thing to book hotels and plan all the tourism related issues were attempted while making a visit to the desired place. The effort to book a taxi from Railway Station or Airport was just started of the mess as your dream holiday at the end proved nightmare as hotels and transport department of the region where you visit suck out even a single penny from your pocket.

Thanks we are born in age with online hacks that count all these processes easy, there are not only decent pictures of the places where we will stay during our visit, the detailed information about hotel, behavior of staff and the hotel’s proximity to prominent tourist spots of the region all these important information is available online.


Some of the sites as Cleartrip offers a range of hotel’s price and the services they offer in the comparison order, people may just need to compare the essential things the range of hotels are offering. The most number of services with reasonable price option is the best thing they go for, traveling counts a easier and comfortable experience with settling all these things prior to even going to that place. These options available online has served best for Customers as well as the hotel, no communication gap or stressing over cost charged mark the process of hospitality more convenient for the consumer and the service provider.

Some of the online sites like Goibio offers more convenience to the customers, in a process to form a longer chain of services to customers, Goibibo offers Goibibo Coupons, these coupons to be used each time you book online services provided by Goibibo is exclusively available for its series of regular customers. The two side connection formed helps both of us as the customers get satisfactory services provided by the portal and the Goibibio site gets a long chain of satisfied customers that helps to expand their circle of services with more and more customers suggesting others for using Goibibo services.

The smart tactics utilized by these online sites marked new business goals, as offering assured coupons for cheaper transactions and expecting customers to advertise the use of sites to their family and friends, has evolved as the idea of “Ground Level Advertisement” in a direct channel of satisfied customers selling portals services in the sector of traveling and booking is proving more profitable to these sites than expensive celebrities endorsing their sites in Television sets.

You must be thinking this is one-way profit as hotels and traveling booking agencies may fraud the customers with series of services provided, that is not a fact as all these sites are filtered with a section of the review. The review section is meant for customers who have utilized the services in order to guide other customers to utilize services offered or not. These review option also includes a star rating, this rating is out of 5, most satisfied customers opt for 5 or 4 and mediator satisfied category is 4 and 3, the worst experience rating is categorized as 2 or 1.

The review service sometimes proves odd service for hotel and other services offered by the competitive hotels and other brands sometimes deliberately write bad about hotels in order to gain profit through bad deeds. Review option has urged the fancy exterior looking hotels to form a series of all services provided as per maintained and boasted a range of services.

These sites have helped travelers to not fall prey to the travel agents, offering the option to book rail and air tickets, online tourism is the boom for travelers.