Crompton Aura High-Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm Features, Pros, and Cons

If you are searching for a cost-effective solution to cool the room, a Crompton Aura High-Speed Ceiling Fan is an excellent choice. This fan circulates air throughout your property, cooling it. These fans are one of the most ubiquitous household appliances in India, with nearly every home having one.

While the majority of homes have 2 or 3 ceiling fans in India, the number might vary based on the number of rooms. When contrasted to an air conditioner, this ceiling fan is significantly less expensive and consumes significantly less power.

When choosing this fan, the size of the blades, the amount of air delivered, as well as the motor used can be considered

Crompton Aura Fan

Features of Crompton Aura High-Speed Ceiling Fan

  • Longer shelf life

Longer fan life is ensured by the use of a 100 percent copper winding and a double ball bearing. The fan’s construction is made of aluminum, which protects it from corrosion and rust while also offering strength and longevity. Our one-of-a-kind 2-piece structure provides stability and quiet operation.

  • Appealing design

In the middle, a tint of metallic shine is fused with a contemporary design, providing a distinctive focal point that enhances the mood of your creative space while establishing a distinct style statement. This fan, which is recognized for providing fresh air, has been praised for its contemporary and stylish design. It has a classic design that may be used in a variety of settings, including your office and home decor.

  • High speed

High air delivery & high speed are provided by the fan blades, which are dynamically balanced for maximum performance. This fan ensures that you receive greater cooling as well as additional comfort. It has been constructed using a combination of high-quality materials, which assures that you will enjoy continuous cooling for an extended period.

  • High durability

The fan’s aluminum body protects it from corrosion while also providing it with strength, extending the fan’s serviceable life. Once you have decided to purchase this type of fan, you can now sit back and relax. It is important to the organization to provide excellent client service, which is why they have developed such a reliable product.


  • Crompton’s decorative fan, which features the best air delivery in its class as well as a beautiful design
  • Specifications in terms of technology: Sweep is 1200 mm, power usage 74 W, speed is 380 RPM, and air supply 230 CMM are the specifications for this machine.
  • It features a one-of-a-kind contemporary design.
  • It is excellent for both the home and the business because of its visually appealing and straightforward design.
  • The fan performs by its specifications.
  • Two-year warranty provided by Crompton starting from the date of purchase
  • Quality components: a motor made entirely of copper, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades, and an anti-rust aluminum body.
  • Extremely sturdy: Two-piece construction for maximum stability and quiet operation
  • Package includes one ceiling fan, one motor, Three blades, Two canopies, One down rod, One shackle assembly, product handbook, and warranty card.


  • One can face difficulty while installing it