Why Choose Wooden Plant Stand Over Metal?

Many people think that if they have planters then they don’t need any plant stands. But in reality, plant stands are very useful than everyone thinks. The plant stands spice up the look of your living room, garden, or any place where you keep them. Be it indoors or outdoors, plant stands never fail to add a different look to your place as well as plants.

The main objective behind the use of plant stands is to elevate the planters from the ground level so that they don’t hide in a corner of your room and get enough sunlight if placed outdoors. Also, this occupies less space and frees the extra space comparatively than simply placing the planters. You will find that there are many types of plant stands including metal and wooden stands. There is confusion over which type is better as the plant stands.

Hence, let’s dive into the article and check some points deriving why to choose wooden plant stand in India over metal!

Points showing why to select Wooden Plant Stand Over Metal

According to research and observations, wooden plant stands are better than metal plant stands in the following aspects:

  • Durability

While looking for any product, we always check the durability of that product. Wooden plant stands are comparatively more durable than metal plant stands. The latter is likely to get damaged easily as the constant contact with water and moisture causes the metal stands to rust very fast. Wooden plant stands last for a long time.

  • Aesthetic Look

The main objective behind buying the home décor items is that they should improve the plain look of your house. Wooden plant stands not only serve the purpose of lifting the planters above the ground levels but also add to the look of your home. They are eye-catching and enhance the surroundings by their natural and aesthetic looks. Comparatively metal plant stands don’t stand out and are abstract in design.

Wooden plant stands whether kept indoors or outdoors, enhance the beauty of the place as well as the plants. You can get plenty of designs and patterns in the wooden plant stands. You just have to look for a design that suits your home.

  • Pocket friendly

When we look for any home décor item, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it should fit into our budget. Similarly, in the case of plant stands, wooden plant stands are extremely pocket-friendly than metal stands. Metal stands are observed to be a bit expensive.

Wooden plant stands come with several benefits that even metal plant stands don’t provide. They free up a lot of space for you to keep other things. They also avoid your plants being kept hidden in a corner of the unnoticed place in your house.

  • Weight and types

The wooden plant stands are easily portable as they are very light weighted compared to the metal plant stands. But besides being lightweight, these wooden plant stands can hold the heavily weighted plants and planters.

You can now move your plants anytime anywhere without any trouble. The wooden plant stands are also available in foldable types. As described earlier, wooden plants can be placed anywhere, because it consumes less space.


Buying a plant stand not only helps you elevate your plants above the ground and keep your floor clean but also maintains the look of your place. These plant stands may not be suitable for huge plants but can be conveniently used for small plants in your house or garden. Wooden plant stands are durable, pocket friendly, help you can utilize less space, and decorate your indoors and outdoors.