DDA May Announce the Draw Result on Monday 24th November 2014

Wait could be over for the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) housing scheme 2014 tomorrow on 24th of November. Earlier the draw was supposed to be announced on 17th November but DDA has postponed the draw date due to some technical issues.

Latest: DDA Has Announce the Draw Result Check with Application Number Online

DDA flats imageDDA already conducting dry run since Monday, 10th November to check their preparedness but due to some technical issues and after receiving several calls from the applicants regarding the incorrect data DDA postponed the date again and again.

People from all over India take interest in DDA housing scheme and DDA has received over 10 lakh applications for 25,000+ flats means for 1 flat around 40 peoples have applied. DDA offered flats from varied category starting price from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 1.2 crore.

In an interview with NavbharatTimes DDA officer says due to large number of applications and varied category of flats from different location of Delhi it taking too much time. Instead they did not received all applicants data from the bank due to which they could not start their preparation on time and the whole process become late. DDA doing their best and working on database continuously 24 hours, so that, whole process could be complete in 2 -3 hours.

If everything work properly we may announce the draw result by Monday, 24th November and first time DDA draw can be viewed online via accessing following URL: www.ddadrawlive.in


DDA Flats Draw Result Winners List


4 thoughts on “DDA May Announce the Draw Result on Monday 24th November 2014”

  1. Dear Sir if ICICI bank did not upload my DDA application NO 0907079 on DDA site till date ,and my application is not added in draw ,what should i do and who is responsible for this.Kindly advise

    • If you have applied through the ICICI bank and could not found your Data on dda website it means that DDA did not received your application. If bank is saying that your application is forwarded for the same then ask why you could not found the data on DDA website.

      As per my opinion anything is missed then your bank is responsible for this because several other people from different banks facing such problems due to which DDA has postponed their date last week and ask to feed the remaining applicants data. So it would be good if you concern with the bank only then can help if they refuse then you can take some legal advise on the same.

    • Friend I am sharing the latest update with all my readers whatever update i received from online sources and through DDA website update it on my website earlier on Saturday DDA officer said to announce the result on Monday, today but not declare the time I am not sure what is the exact date or time for the draw result but whenever they do we will inform you.

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