How do I wake up feeling refreshed?

We all have trouble waking up. It is an everlasting internal battle, but that does not mean it cannot be overcome.

The following suggestions are precisely what you are searching for: “an energetic start to the day”.


Avoid Snoozing

Snoozing is not your best friend. It may seem appealing to sleep five more minutes or ten more minutes, but the result is filled with agitation and regret. The continuous act of clicking the snooze button is a global concept that has now been given a name. It is called drockling.

When you practice drockling, it confuses your internal nervous system into thinking you have more time to sleep and rest than you do. If you wake up at the first alarm bell, you are more than likely to go through the day feeling more active and rejuvenated. On the other hand, drockling may cause irritation and brain fog, which is never an ideal start to a day.

Set Comforting Noises as your Alarm Tone

Further elaborating on the alarm situation, select a tone you want to wake up to. Loud noises will wake you with a jolt and an elevated heartbeat. Select a soothing tone that does not instantly blast your eardrums. Wake up to a soothing bird call or a waterfall noise. If you are a beach lover or surf, set waves crashing as your alarm tone.

If you want to wake up vigorous and without succumbing to the pleasures of drockling, place your phone or alarm clock on your dress or vanity, far from the bed. This way, it will require the physical act of leaving the bed with the mental perseverance of not returning to the warm bed. It is less likely you will return to the bed once you are already up.

Hydrate Before Coffee or Tea

Before drinking caffeine or tea, drink a glass of water. Your body has been dehydrated in the previous eight to ten hours, depending on your sleeping pattern. Rehydrate your body before taking any fluids or breakfast. You are more than likely to become more dehydrated the longer you do not drink water since waking up.

Severe dehydration can lead to weakness, fatigue, irritation, deteriorating urine functions, and dizziness. Save yourself from experiencing these symptoms later in the day by drinking a glass or two of water in small sips after waking up.

Set a Routine

If you are thinking, “What time should I wake up?”, the answer is maintaining a consistent routine. Like digestive functions, your body will signal the brain it is hungry or wishes to use the facilities however you train it. Go to sleep on time and wake up on time.

Maintaining sleep cycles is a billionaire’s secret. Those earning six figures income go to bed early at night or ten and wake up at five in the morning. They keep their routines in check to wake up refreshed and dominate the world. A set routine can do wonders for you and contribute to your professional success.

Breakfast Mise en Place

Another wise tip to waking up refreshed is deciding your breakfast before going to sleep the previous night. When you already know your breakfast menu, your brain will stay relaxed, and you can arrange your morning routine accordingly. Practicing this step will significantly reduce your chances of grabbing something unhealthy on the go.

A neat trick to preparing breakfast is to dice up vegetables or leave prepared sausages in the fridge. If you love baking, you can leave the dough to rest overnight and leave it to bake while you shower and get dressed. The bottom line is setting a routine involving breakfast preparation that works for you.

Screen Lockdown

Mobile and television screens will ruin your sleep cycle. There is no doubt about it. When you shift from a dark room to an illuminated screen, it confuses your brain to decide what time of the day it is.

Therefore, once you have placed your phone on the night table, refrain from checking it until your sleep cycle is complete. Furthermore, to wake up refreshed, you can avoid watching television one to two hours before you intend to sleep.

Moreover, immediately checking your phone right after waking up will expose you to blue light. The infamous blue light programs your brain to stop producing melatonin, a hormone responsible for calculating and programming your sleep cycle.

Lay Down Only When Tired

Your body must be tired or want to sleep if you pass out on your bed immediately after nuzzling inside it. The tale of counting sheep or lying in bed still for ten minutes without moving a finger will not work each time. Therefore, if you cannot sleep, leave the bed.

Once you are out of bed, tire yourself out, go for a walk if your neighborhood is safe. You can also go for a backyard stroll. You can sort through your mail, write utility checks, or read your favorite book. Begin an early morning start on your breakfast festivities. Whatever you do, do not engage yourself in any screen time.

Paint the Room Neutral

You may want to reconsider painting your room if you are having trouble sleeping. A neutral color is not duck-egg blue, fuchsia, mint green, or yellow. Neon-colored walls are associated with daytime which will confuse your brain. Neutral colors involve tan, beige, or white. Other proposed colors include shades of blues or grays.

However, if you still wish to maintain a pop of color in your room, keep one wall painted neon. Just paint it strategically, so it’s not in your eye view while sleeping. Doing so will prepare your mind to fall asleep without glimpses of loud colors each time you bat your eye.


Waking up early in the morning is a challenge. However, incorporating the tricks and tips mentioned above will make it easier for you to wake up. Eat right, go to bed early, and limit your screen time. These benign steps can make your life more comfortable than you expected.