How to Improve Eyesight / Eye Vision with Exercise Naturally

Eyes are one of most precious organs of our body, then how could be careless in this regard. Now, the world is very fast and growing rapidly and people are busy with their routine life and unable to care his/her eyes due to which he became victim of eyesight problems.

If you are also one of those who affected from eye disorder and feeling alone don’t worry there are numerous people in the world who also suffering from same problem. In this post I am going to share few simple exercises which you can apply at your home or near park.

If you apply these exercise properly on daily basis I am sure you eyesight will improve dramatically in few months. You have spent only 10 minutes daily on below mentioned exercise and see the result.

Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Changing focus of eyes from side to side simultaneously (Sideways Viewing)
Changing focus of eyes forward and sideways simultaneously (Front and Sideways Viewing)
Rotational viewing
Viewing upwards and down simultaneously
Preliminary nose tip gazing
Near and distant viewing

Note: Before starting these exercises, it is always recommended to splash your eyes with cold water a few times.

Palming to Improve Eyesight

improve eyesight with palming

Start with the palming exercise sit gently with peace of mind. Rub your palms vigorously, until they become warm and place the palms gently over your eyelids. Keep stay in the position at least 10 seconds till heat from the hands has been completely absorbed by the eyes. Keeping the eyes closed, lower the hands and repeats it again.

Blinking to Improve Eyesight

Once you finished the palming take rest of minute now blink your eyes around 20 times as quickly as you can. Now close your eyes take deep breath and repeat it again do this exercise about 5-10 times.

Sideways Viewing to Improve Eyesight

Sit with straight legs in front of body, now life the arms keeping your fist closed and your thumb pointing upward. Look at a point straight in front of you in level with your eyes. Keep the head in this fixed position, focus on the following one after the other, by shifting your vision to the.

Space between the eyebrows
Left thumb
Space between the eyebrows
Right thumb
Space between the eyebrows
Left thumb
Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times after completing this exercise close your eyes and rest.

Front and Sideways Viewing to Improve Eyesight

Keep sit on the same position now place the left closed fist on the left knee ensuring that the thumb points upwards. Now look at a point straight in front and in level with your eyes. Keeping the head in this fixed position. Breathing out, focus your eyes on the left thumb. Breathing in, focus your eyes at a point in front and in level with your eyes. Repeat the same process with the right thumb. At the end close your eyes and rest.

Rotational Viewing to Improve Eyesight

Locate the left hand on the left knee. Hold the right fist above the right knee, with the thumb pointing upwards. Keep the elbow straight. During the exercise keep your head still and focus your eyes on thumb. Now make a circle with the thumb, keeping the elbow straight repeat it five times each in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Up and Down Viewing to Improve Eyesight

Keep in the same position with straight legs in front of body. With both the thumbs pointing upwards, place both the fists on the knees. Raise the right thumb slowly keeping the arms straight and follow the motion of the thumb upwards with the eyes. When the thumb is raised to the maximum, gradually bring it down to the starting position and continue to keep the eyes focused on the thumb all the while keeping the head still. Do the same thing with the left thumb and do it with each thumb 5 time.

Preliminary Nose Tip Gazing to Improve Eyesight

Change the direction of legs from straight to cross. Lift the right arm straight directly in front of the nose and making a fist with the right hand, keep your thumb pointing upward keep your focus on the tip of the thumb. Now bend the arm and gradually bring the thumb to the tip of the nose, all the while having the eyes focused on the tip of the thumb. Remain in this position for a while with the thumb held at the tip of the nose with the eyes focused there.

Near and Distant Viewing to Improve Eye Sight

The most effective exercise do it whatever position you like either stand or sit but do it near clear view of the horizon. Now focus on the tip of the nose for 5 seconds repeat this for about 10-20 times and increase with the passage of time.

If any of above step could not clear to you please see this video which is officially post by “Art of Living Production” on youtube.

If you know any other exercise or missed by me please do share your thought with us in comment section.

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