How to Propose a Girl on Valentine Day

Do you like someone, but cannot muster enough courage to admit it? With Valentine Day just around the corner, you are soon going to get the perfect opportunity to propose your lady love. You can almost be sure that you will get a yes in answer if you choose this special day for confessing your love to your

Here are some great tips about proposing a girl on Valentine Day: How to Propose a Girl on Valentine Day,Propose a Girl on Valentine Day, Propose a Girl Express your Love with Red RosesRed Roses

Red roses have been the symbol of love since times immemorial, and they still continue to be the most favourite way to propose a girl. So this Valentine Day, just grab a bouquet of fragrant red roses and give them to the girl in your life. This is a beautiful way to express your feelings!

Charm her with a Poem or Song

There can be nothing better than a poetic or musical expression of your love. So just write a romantic poem for your lady love, giving words to your feelings. And if you are good at singing, you can sing a love song for your love and beg for a yes in answer.

Give her a Gift saying “I Love You”

Surprise your girl with a romantic gift on this Valentine Day, proposing her with those three magic words written on the gift. It can be a cuddly teddy bear, holding a heart saying “I Love You”. Or you can have these words inscribed on a coffee mug, photo frame or key chain to tell her about the depth of your feelings for her. If you can afford something expensive, a gold chain with a pendant saying “I Love You” would definitely fetch a yes in answer. You can even gift her with a bunch of red heart shaped balloons saying these romantic words.

 Propose her on a Movie Date

Take her out for a romantic movie and propose her in the middle of it,holding her hands and looking into her eyes. Be very honest in your proposal as your eyes can speak volumes if you love someone truly, from the bottom of your heart. And a romantic movie would be a perfect setting for a proposal to your lady love.

 Organize a Romantic Candle Light DinnerRomantic Candle Light Dinner, Romantic Candle Light Dinner image

Another great way to propose a girl on Valentine Day is to do it on a candle lit dinner, which is accompanied by flowers, wine and soft, romantic music. A table by the pool side or on the roof top, under the stars, could make a romantic atmosphere for bringing up your proposal to her.

While you pick up one of these ideas to propose a girl on Valentine Day, you must make sure that you are not too assertive or aggressive as forcing her for a yes may backfire and scare her away. Give her time to think over and answer your to your proposal. If your feelings are true, she will definitely be yours sooner or later; it is just a matter of time!