Know about the Best Data Science courses and why should you Learn Data Science?

Around one or two decades ago & before, the rate of data creation was low, & most of the data was structured which could be effortlessly analyzed by easy tools like BI. But in today’s globe when the amount of data is not only doubling every two years but is also generally formless and semi-structured, manufacturing has felt the need for more multifaceted tools and professionals i.e. Data Scientists to do the work. Are an engineering student then you should read this article because here we provide information on some online courses for engineering students.

Data Science

Why Do One Consider Data Science as An occupation?

It won’t be mistaken to say that the prospect relies on Data Scientists. Presently, there’s a scarcity of experienced professionals, and as estimation, there’s going to be a deficit of more than two hundred thousand professionals globally by 2021. India alone is going to need more than a hundred thousand Data experts in the coming years. While IT businesses like e-commerce, social media, communication, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. need Data Scientists at the mass level, other fat-off industries like medical sciences, activity companies, aviation, and logistics, etc. also need them to improve their business using data. Corporations are paying high salaries for experienced professionals & since the speed of career growth is marvelous, there’s no better time to study the Best data science courses.

 The demand for expert data science professionals in government, industry, & academia is growing more than ever. The Data Science courses prepare aspirants for business challenges by assisting them to attain the essential knowledge & high-end skills necessary for tackling real-world challenges. Whether you desire to get a basic idea of Data Science or looking forward to building a promising occupation in the field, the specialized courses will provide you the required exposure. We have mentioned some of the best data science courses for students to have a look.

  • Data Science Specialization
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Applied Data Science with Python Specialization
  • Data Science MicroMasters
  • CS109 Data Science —
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

What Data Science Course Includes & What You Can Get From It?

A Data Scientist has to be a professional in mathematics, programming languages, statistics, and problem-solving. Mining and use of data truly mean all three aspects of Data Science. The training focuses on the intense study of programming languages like Python and SQL for Machine learning, & learning of Excel, R, and other tools like Tableau, Spark & XLMiner, and SAS which make the work simple and well-organized.

The course consists of lifetime access of 160+ hours of preparation by the most excellent instructors from famous universities and having familiarity in the Data industry for over fifteen years. In addition, 100+ hours of precise assignment & 50+ hours of Hadoop and SAS e-learning videos are given. The scholar gets to attend many webinars & an opportunity to work on at least two live projects. Placement help is also available to help students land their dream job in most companies.