MTV Splitsvilla 2021 Winners Name List of All Seasons [1 to 13] with Images

MTV Splitsvilla Winner List of All Seasons {1 to 13} – MTV Splitsvilla is one of the most popular reality TV shows in India which airs on MTV India. The concept of the show is taken from the American dating reality show namely “Flavor of Love”. The MTV Splitsvilla gain huge popularity after its first season and become popular among the youth of India.

The show revolves around a number of young boys and girls to secure a place in Splitsvilla which is a “Villa”. Splitsvilla is really very interesting show which is basically for “hunt for love” where boys and girls compete with each others in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with the contestants to find love and the one boy and one girl who stay till the end they won the crowned of Splitsvilla.

So far,  The show has completed 13 successfully seasons and below we are going to discuss about MTV Splitsvilla Winners List of All Seasons alongwith the contestants, host and winner name.

MTV SplitsVilla 2021 Winners List of All Seasons (1 to 13) with Images

Here in the list  you are going to see the Splitsvilla winners alog with the image while the contestants & hosts name available only here on this page, so let’s have a glance on it.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 1 (2008) Winner – Vishal & Shraddha

The very first season of MTV Splitsvilla was premiered on television 20th June 2008 in which total 22 contestants participated there were 2 boys and 20 girls in the show whose name are listed below accordingly.

The finale episode was schedule as on 13th October 2008, which was hosted by the famous VJ Rannvijay Singh. Vishal and Shraddha becomes the emerge winner of MTV splitsvills season 1.

splitsvilla 1 winner vishal and shraddha image

MTV Splitsvilla Season 1 Contestants & Host Name

MTV Splitsvilla 1 Winner, Contestants Name List
Sr.No. Girls Boys Host
1 Shraddha Haribhai (Winner) Vishal (Winner) Rannvijay Singh
2 Aarti Thaokar- Dumped Varun
3 Akanksha – Dumped
4 Annie Krislinzki – Dumped
5 Anubha – Dumped
6 Bianca Mendonca – Dumped
7 Bosky Bhatia – Dumped
8 Hannah – Dumped
9 Heena Pardasani – Dumped
10 Hoorzan Irani – Dumped
11 Kanika Narbar – Dumped
12 Minakshi Khanduri – Dumped
13 Prianca Sharma – Dumped
14 Richa Singh – Dumped
15 Ritu Kochhar – Dumped
16 Shruti Rawat – Dumped
17 Simran Dhawan – Dumped
18 Sneh Richa- Dumped
19 Vani – Dumped
20 Yamini Batra- Dumped

MTV Splitsvilla Season 2 (2009) Winners – Siddharth and Sakhi

As the show gets the immense popularity among the youth the youth of India and also become popular other part of the world the show is back in 2009. The show was schedule from 7 March 2009 to 14th June 2009 and this it was hosted by Nikhil Chinappa.

Total 15 episodes was telecast on television and this time total 20 contestants participated in the show and the ratio of boys and girls were equal 10 and 10 in each team. Siddharth and Sakhi  becomes the emerge winner of MTV Splitsvilla season 2 it was really tough to won title out of 20 contestants but this couple made it possible.

Splitsvilla Season 2 Winners

MTV Splitsvilla Season 2 Contestants & Host Name

MTV Splitsvilla 2Winner, Contestants Name List
Sr.No. Girls Boys Host
1 Sakshi Pradhan – The Ultimate Queen Siddharth Bhardwaj – The Ultimate King Nikhil Chinappa
2 Joanna Magee – Runner up Mohit Malhotra – Runner up
3 Stuti Nag – DUMPED Paramvir Singh Baidwan – DUMPED
4 Ritika Nainta – DUMPED Bhav Aman Singh – DUMPED
5 Sakshi Bhayana – DUMPED Rahul Dwivedi – DUMPED
6 Nalini Negi – DUMPED Aman Sharma – DUMPED
7 Shikha Taneja – DUMPED Meherzaan B Mazda – Quit
8 Chestha Bhagat – DUMPED Ashutosh Kataria – DUMPED
9 Meenakshi Negi – DUMPED Suyash Kumar – DUMPED
10 Swaagata G Shah – DUMPED Varun Jhamb – DUMPED

MTV Splitsvilla Season 3 (2010) Winners – Parag Chadha & Riya Bamniyal

The is back in 2010 with 3rd edition which was premiered on MTV as on 19th December 2009 and total 20 contestants participated in the show. Out these 20 contestants only 10 were singles (5 boys and 5 girls) while other 10 contestants were 5 unmarried couples.

For the first time the show hosted by 2 persons and this time the host of the show was VJ Nikhil Chinappa alongwith Deepti Gujral. The grand finale of the episode was schedule as on 13th March 2010 which was won by Parag Chadha and Riya Bamniyal.

As the Parag Chadha & Deepti Gujral becomes the emerge winner of Splitsvilla season 3 they also won the cash prize of Rs. 5 Lakh and also get the to be a VJ on MTV.


Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 3

MTV Splitsvilla 3 Winner, Contestants Name List
Sr.No. Girls Boys Host
1 Kriti Sharma – Runner Up Vikas Mehandroo – Runner Up Nikhil Chinappa and Deepti Gujral
2 Pavitra Punia – DUMPED Sufzal Saleem – DUMPED
3 Monika Maryjane – DUMPED Raj Kumar – DUMPED
4 Nirmal Sandhoo – DUMPED Ramanjot Singh – DUMPED
5 Shivkiran Bajwa – DUMPED Pulkit Khanna – DUMPED

5 Couples of the show was as follows

  • Riya Bamniyal (7th dumped by Niharika, returned, Queen for episodes 9, 11) & Parag Chadha (3rd dumped by Pooja, returned in the finale) (The Ultimate King & Queen)
  • Niharika Kareer (9th dumped by Vikas, Queen for episodes 4, 7, 8) & Mahip Marwah (11th dumped, King for episodes 4, 5, 6, 10)
  • Pooja Amin (Voluntarily Dumped, Queen for episodes 1, 2, 3) & Arjun Kumar Mahendroo (8th dumped by Niharika, King for episodes 1, 2, 3)
  • Ruchi Arora (2nd dumped by Arjun) & Ashish Agarwal (Voluntarily dumped, King for episodes 7,8)
  • Priyanka Sharama (1st dumped by Arjun) & Hemant Kaur (Voluntarily dumped)

MTV Splitsvilla Season 4 (2011) Winners – Dushyant Yadav & Priya Shinde

MTV Splitsvilla season 4 aired on 4 December 2011 and again the show is host by VJ Nikhil Chinapa. In the season 4 had 13 girls and 4 boys and girls were divided into 4 groups(Qabilah) which were headed by each boy. The winners of the MTV Splitsvilla Season 4 were Dushyant Yadav and Priya Shinde.Dushyant-Yadav-and-Priya-Shinde-Splitvillas-Season 4

Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 4

Dushyant Yadav (WINNER)
Manish Khanna     ELIMINATED
Ashish Choudhary ELIMINATED

Priya Shinde – (WINNER)
Aakriti Bhamri – DUMPED
Ruchita Rao – DUMPED

Tina Thapa  – ELIMINATED
Yashita Sahu – DUMPED
Sanjana Bhatia – DUMPED

Pooja Bisht – ELIMINATED
Payal Thapa – DUMPED
Dimple Chawla – DUMPED

Archana Choudhary  – DUMPED
Sohfi – DUMPED
Vartika Kaul – DUMPED
Srishttii Gupta –    DUMPED

MTV Splitsvilla Season 5 (2012) Winners – Akanksha Popli & Paras Chhabra

Season 5 of MTV Splitsvilla is hosted by VJ Nikhil Chinappa and it was aired on MTV April 2012. Total 16 contestants were in this season 8 Boys and 8 Girls. After completing the several tasks and fighting with other contestants season 5 was won by Akanksha Popli and Paras Chhabra. The winning title of season 5 was Love Gone Wild.Akanksha Popli and Paras Chhabra Splitvillas season 5

Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 5

Akanksha Popli – (WINNER)
Jasmine Avasia-(Runner Up)
Rupa Khurana -(2nd Runner Up)
Vidushi Khanna – DUMPED
Shivangini Rajyalaxmi Rana – DUMPED
Tasneem – DUMPED
Swati Bakshi – DUMPED
Mandakranta Debbarma – DUMPED
Avishka Kashyap – DUMPED

Paras Chhabra – (WINNER)
Vroon Sharma – Runner Up
Nitin Chauhaan – Runner Up
Rishabh Sinha – DUMPED
Rishipal Gulati – DUMPED
Ali Abbas Gori – DUMPED
Nikhil Nagpal – DUMPED
Saif Mir    Rupa – DUMPED
Sikander Dhawan – DUMPED

MTV Splitsvilla Season 6 (2013) Winners – Paramvir Singh & Mandy Debbarma

The MTV Splitsvilla season 6 was aired on 25th of May and this time it is host by Sherlyn Chopra and Nikil Chinappa. Season 6 was tagged as “Hot as Hell”. Total 18 contestants were in this season 9 boys and 9 girls. Paramvir Singh and Mandy Debbarma won the season 6.Param-and-Mandy-Splitvillas-SEason 6

Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 6

Mandy Debbarma (From Splits villa-5) (Ultimate Queen)
Shatakshi Joshi (Runner up)
Priyanka Chauhan (Eliminated by the Splitsvillians)
Subuhi Joshi (Eliminated by Prabhjot and Shatakshi)
Pari Sahni (Eliminated – Dumped by Param)
Ruby Dahiya (Eliminated – Dumped by Param)
Peenaz Ahmed (Eliminated – Dumped by Param)
Priyanka Chandel(Eliminated – Dumped by Nitin)
Purvee Singh(Eliminated-Dumped by Param)

Paramvir Singh (from Splitsvilla-2) (Ultimate King)
Prabhjot Sahota (Runner Up)
Nitin Sharma (Eliminated – Dumped by Mandy)
Gaurav Chopra (Elimianted by Prabhjot and Shatakshi)
Aman Dev Pahwa (Eliminated – Dumped by Subuhi)
Ashwini Koul (Re-entered &Eliminated by the Splitsvillians )
Parichay Sharma (Eliminated – Dumped by Mandy)
Arjit Taneja (Eliminated-Dumped by Mandy)
Nawab Faizi(Eliminated – Dumped by Ruby)

MTV Splitsvilla Season 7 (2014) Winner – Mayank Gandhi & Scarlett Rose (Year: 2014)

The MTV Splitsvilla season 7 started in June, 2014 and ended in October 25, 2014. Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose won this season. The show was hosted by Sunny Leone and Nikhil Chinappa. There were 7 males and 20 females in this season.Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose Splitsvilla Season 7

Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 7

Scarlett Rose- (Winner)
Apurva Singh- Eliminated
Damanjit Grewal- Eliminated
Etansha Gupta – Eliminated
Heena Koranga – Dumped
Jacqueline Ledli – Dumped
Khushi Bhat- Runner up
Kriti Lohia – Eliminated
Mukti Chopra – Eliminated
Palak Purswani – Dumped
Pooja Mishra – Dumped
Priyanka Purohit- Eliminated
Rashi Sharma- Dumped
Rosemary Fernandes – Eliminated
Sanjana Ganesan- Quit
Savita Dokwal – Dumped
Simran Mahendrawal – Dumped
Snoove Das – Eliminated
Sonali Katyal – Dumped
Unnati Pathak- Dumped
Dana Vana- (MTV Battleground entry) Eliminated
Ranji Chopra- (MTV Battleground entry) Eliminated

Mayank Gandhi- (Winner)
Abhishek Malik-“Runner Up”
Ashwini Koul – Quit
Ayaz Ahmed -Dumped
Mayank Pawar – Dumped
Rishabh Sinha – Dumped
Shravan Reddy- Eliminated
Yasir khan – (MTV Battleground entry) Eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 (2015) Winners – Prince Narula & Karishma

The grand finale of MTV Splitsvilla 8 was aired on November 14, 2015. Zaan – Karishma & Prince – Anuki were selected for the finale and in the task Prince Narula & Anuki Tchokhonelidze becomes the emerge winner of MTV Splitsvilla winner 8.

MTV SPlitsvilla 8 winner Prince Narula and Anuki TchokhonelidzeThe season MTV Splitsvilla 8 is started from July 4th 2015 and you can enjoy Splitsvilla at 7.00 pm. MTV Splitsvilla 8 is hosted by VJ Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone both are hosting the show for 2nd time as Rannvijay hosted the first season of MTV Splitsvilla already and Sunny Leone hosted the 7th season of the show with Nikhil Chinappa both of hosting the show for first together. Winner of MTV Splitsvills Season 8 2015 to be announced once the confirmed we will update it here. So bookmark and save this page for future update. However you can see the contestants name of season 8 below:

Contestants Name of MTV Splitsvills Season 8


S.No. Name Status
1 Sarika Raina Dumped by Utkarsh
2 Anuki Tchokhonelidze  Winner
3 Alisha Sharma Dumped by Prathmesh
4 Ashmita Singh Dumped by Utkarsh
5 Mia Lakra
6 Veronika Rajput Dumped by Utkarsh
7 Karishma Talwar
8 Vanessa D’souza
9 Vaidehi Srivastava
10 Harshita Kashyap Dumped by Prince
11 Enakshi Sharma Dumped by Zaan
12 Sana Sayyad
13 Priyanka Bora
14 Reshu Singh
15 Subuhi Joshi Late Entry
16 Sophiya Singh (late entry) Late Entry


S.No. Name Status
1 Viren Singh Rathore Celebrity Entry
2 Shivam Babbar
3 Gaurav Arora
4 Yash Pandit Celebrity Entry
5 Vikas Mehta Upcoming Entry
6 Ishan Chhibber Celebrity Entry
7 Utkarsh Gupta Celebrity Entry
8 Nishant Gand
9 Zaan Khan Celebrity Entry
10 Amaad Chintoo Celebrity Entry
11 Paras Chhabra Celebrity Entry
12 Prince Narula Winner
13 Abhijit Dutta
14 Abhishek Yennam
15 Ish Thakkar
16 Prathamesh Maulingker
17 Ravi Shukla

MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 (2016) Winners – Gurmeet Rehal & Kavya Khurana

MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 2016 Winners Gurmeet Rehal & Kavya Khurana

The 9th edition of the show is back in 11th June 2016 and this time the theme of the show was “Where Women Rule” The boys were not given the power to dump any girl in the show.

There were total 26 contestants in the show and this time show was hosted by the famous bollywood actress Sunny Leone & Rannvijay Singh, the show was shoot at Puducherry and total 21 episodes were telecast on TV including grand finale.

The grand finale of the show was schedule as on 8 October 2016 which was won by the Gurmeet Rehal and Kavya Khurana while Varun Sood & Martina Thariyan become the first runner up of the show.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 (2017) Winners – Baseer Ali & Naina Singh

MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 (2017) Winners – Baseer Ali & Naina Singh

MTV Splitsvilla 10 is won by the Baseer Ali & Naina Singh the show was schedule from 23rd  July 2017 and grand finale was premiered on 10th December 2017.

Once again the show was host by Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone. This time the theme of the show was “Experiment of Love” which is basically experimenting and testing that whether love can be found via science or not.

This season was shot in Jim Corbett National Park and it was the 2nd time when the show was streaming on Voot.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 (2018) Winners – Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha

MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 (2018) Winners – Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha

With previous season hosts the 11th season of the MTV Splitsvilla is back in 2018 and the first show was premiered on tv as on 5th August 2018.

The theme of the season was “Happily Ever After….Or Never After?” In this season there were secret sessions with Oracle. The finale of the season was aired on 3rd February 2019 which was won by Gaurav Alugh and Shruti Sinha.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 12 (2019) Winners – Shrey Mittal & Priyamvada Kant

MTV Splitsvilla Season 12 (2019) Winners – Shrey Mittal & Priyamvada Kant

Splitsvilla 12 is back in 2019 and this time there were total 26 contestants in the show 15 boys +1 wild card entry and 10 girls who came to find true love.

This season was host by once again Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone, the theme of the season was “Your Best Shot at Love.” The show was schedule as on 16 August 2019 and grand finale was premiered on 17th January 2020 which was won by Shrey Mittal and Priyavada Kant. This season was shot in Jaipur.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 (2021) Winners – To be confirmed

The 13th Season of MTV splitsvilla is back in 2021 due to covid-19 show could not continue year wise however the situations are under control and the show air on TV.

The show is started from 6 March 2021 and all we have to wait for the winner. The theme of the season is based on Cupid’s Gold and Silver arrow, With a taglines “One for Love, One for Chance” & “Let Cupid work his magic”. magic”.

At the end if you have any thought about this page please let me know via your comments below and don’t forget to quick glance on MTV Splitsvilla winners in below table.

MTV SplitsVilla Winners List of All Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Here is the quick overview of Splitsvilla winner list of all seasons {1 to 13} you can also see host name year and season wise.

Year Host Season Winner’s Name
2008 Rannvijay Singh 1 Shraddha Haribhai & Vishal Karwal
2009 Nikhil Chinappa 2 Siddharth Bhardwaj & Sakshi Pradhan
2010 Nikhil Chinappa & Deepti Gujral 3 Parag Chadha & Riya Bamniyal
2011 Nikhil Chinappa 4 Priya Shinde & Dushyant Yadav
2012 Nikhil Chinappa 5 Paras Chhabra & Akanksha Popli
2013 Nikhil Chinappa & Sherlin Chopra 6 Paramvir Singh & Mandy Debbarma
2014 Sunny Leone & Nikhil Chinappa 7 Scarlett Rose & Mayank Gandhi
2015 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 8 Anuki & Prince
2016 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 9 Gurmeet Rehal & Kavya Khurana
2017 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 10 Baseer Ali & Naina Singh
2018 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 11 Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha
2019 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 12 Shrey Mittal & Priyamvada Kant
2021 Rannvijay Singh & Sunny Leone 13 To be announced

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